Two This Is Us Characters We'll Be Seeing Way More Of In Season 2

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NBC's This Is Us was undeniably the biggest new show of the 2016-2017 TV season. We were already laughing and crying at the very first trailer, so it wasn't too huge of a surprise when the show turned out to be a truly compelling story about family. Now, as we wait for the second season to premiere, we have some exciting news about two recurring actors who have been promoted to regular status. We'll be seeing a lot more of Jon Huertas as Miguel and Alexandra Breckenridge as Sophie in Season 2.

Jon Huertas appeared in 11 episodes of This Is Us Season 1 and (although we didn't see as much of him as we saw of other characters) it was clear that he had a major part to play in the narrative of the Pearson family. Miguel was Jack's best friend and co-worker in the past timeline, which was all well and good. The plot thickened when the second episode revealed that Miguel had married Rebecca at some point after Jack's death.

Naturally, fans began to question if Miguel always his his eye on his best friend's wife. Jon Huertas has said that Miguel didn't have feelings for Rebecca when Jack was still in the picture, but we haven't gotten to see the dynamic play out on screen just yet. Huertas' promotion to regular status in Season 2 promises to give us some more info on Miguel's relationship with the various members of the Pearson family. After all, the mystery of Jack's death is only one of the elements fans are curious about, and more Miguel must mean more answers.

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Alexandra Breckenridge appeared in five episodes of This Is Us Season 1 as Sophie. Unlike Miguel, Sophie's contributions to the story have taken place exclusively in the timeline when the Pearson kids are already all grown up. Sophie is Kevin's ex-wife, and the two began to reconnect in Season 1 after going years without seeing each other. They did go their separate ways as of the end of Season 1, but there still seemed to be plenty of story left for her character.

Luckily, Alexandra Breckenridge's bump up to regular means that we'll get a lot more of Sophie in Season 2. Hopefully we'll get to see more of who she is with and without Kevin in the picture. Only time will tell. NBC has confirmed to CinemaBlend that both Jon Huertas and Alexandra Breckenridge will officially be regulars in Season 2, so we can speculate just as much as we please about Miguel and Sophie.

This Is Us will air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC this fall. We still have a few months before the September 26 premiere date, but I think the first season is proof that it's never too early to start stocking up on tissues when it comes to new episodes. The show got a huge renewal back in Season 1, so we definitely don't have to worry about it going anywhere any time soon. Our summer TV premiere guide can show you what you can watch while you wait for more This Is Us.

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