Deep Blue Sea Is Getting A TV Sequel At The Perfect Network

deep blue sea 1999

When it comes to shark movies, most of us probably think of Jaws, but 1999's Deep Blue Sea is not to be overlooked. Is it most memorable for killing off Samuel L. Jackson in the first half of the movie? Yes, it is. It's also crazy fun in a totally over-the-top way thanks to the genetically engineered sharks that wreak havoc on a group of unfortunate humans. Deep Blue Sea is exactly the kind of summer monster movie that could be a campy franchise. Still, a sequel never came to the big screen. Now, Deep Blue Sea 2 is in the works for the small screen, and it's heading to the perfect network: Syfy.

Deep Blue Sea 2 will follow Dr. Klaus Van Etten as he experiments on bull sharks, despite the warnings of the marine expert Misty and her fellow biologists. The altered sharks get loose of their containments, and disaster ensues. Basically, it sounds like Deep Blue Sea, just with bull sharks instead of mako sharks. Moviehole reports that Deep Blue Sea 2 is currently filming in Cape Town. Michael Beach of Aquaman is part of the cast, although it's not known if he plays Dr. Klaus Van Etten or a different character.

As the movie is being made for TV, we can probably rule out any appearances from original Deep Blue Sea actors. Of course, most of the original cast of characters died brutal deaths courtesy of the sharks in the film, although Thomas Jane's Carter Blake managed survive being skewered through the leg with a harpoon, and LL Cool J's Preacher managed to escape his own oven before being cooked alive.

Unless Deep Blue Sea 2 goes the Lost World route and casts one of the survivors as a jaded and reluctant participant, I'm guessing Thomas Jane and LL Cool J won't appear. Also, they're Thomas Jane and LL Cool J, so they probably have bigger projects on their plate than a sequel to Deep Blue Sea. Kevin Bacon may be the only big-name star looking to reprise a role on Syfy in the near future.

Syfy is really the only place on television where I can imagine Deep Blue Sea 2. As the home of five Sharknado films over the last five years, Syfy has learned that sharks are big winners with summer audiences. Maybe we'll get a Sharknado/Deep Blue Sea 2 crossover. It wouldn't be the wildest thing to come out of a franchise literally built off of tornadoes filled with sharks. Who knows? Maybe the upcoming Sharknado 5: Global Swarming will somehow launch Deep Blue Sea 2.

Okay, probably not, but anything can really happen when it comes to Syfy and made-for-TV movies about sharks. We'll have to wait and see. If you need a Syfy shark fix before Deep Blue Sea 2 makes it to the airwaves, you can catch the next Sharknado movie on Sunday, August 6 at 9 p.m. ET. Shark Week is coming up on Discovery as well if you're looking for more reality-based shark action. Our summer TV schedule can take you in plenty of non-shark-infested directions as well.

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