Game Of Thrones' Kristian Nairn Spoofs Hodor In Hilarious New KFC Commercial

If you're still triggered by anything referencing the death of Hodor in Game Of Thrones, you need to get over it because this new KFC commercial featuring Kristian Nairn is absolutely hilarious. See the spoof in the ad originating out of UK and Ireland below and continue reading:

Whoever is running the marketing strategy for KFC worldwide needs a pay raise, because they've been on fire for the past year with their wild advertising! Sure it wasn't entirely faithful to the scene from Game Of Thrones, but did we really want to see actor Kristian Nairn drop to the floor and start convulsing while he lost his mind? That's not exactly the thing one shows folks when trying to sell some finger lickin' good poultry.

Does anyone else want to see Kristian Nairn dress up as Colonel Sanders now? This Game Of Thrones and KFC marriage needs to continue ASAP as we only have a short time before the show returns for Season 7. Perhaps someone can throw a bundle of money at the show's most screen time-given actor Peter Dinklage. Kit Harington would be a good second option, although he may not be as willing considering the Game Of Thrones staff already pokes fun at him a lot as is. Then again, could any man be so willing after the phenomenal Colonel performance put on by Rob Lowe?

The KFC and Game Of Thrones collaboration is in a close race for best collaboration with that parody skit Jimmy Kimmel Live! did a few years back using The Hound's Season 4 speech about chicken from the show. Seeing as Kristen Nairn's ad is official, it may rank above this one, but this skit is a really close second:

While some fans wonder amongst themselves if Zinger Chicken Sandwiches exist in the world of Westeros, the rest of fans can explore a wealth of Game Of Thrones theories and fun leading up to its return July 16th at 9 p.m. on HBO. Visit our quiz and attempt to name Game Of Thrones characters by the way they died, or perhaps read about why Cersei, Jon, or Dany will win the approaching great war. There's also this one wild theory that one of Game Of Thrones most prolific deaths may not have happened. Jump into all that, and don't forget there is a lot of other great summer programming to be found on our summer premiere guide. Our breakdown of what we know so far about Game of Thrones Season 7 is worth the read as well.

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