Stephen Amell Really Wants That Arrow And Supernatural Crossover, So Let's Make It Happen

Oliver in Season 5

With shared universes and serialized storytelling quickly becoming the norm in TV and movie production, crossovers have almost become commonplace. The fandoms long for their favorite characters to team-up for adventures of their own, and perhaps no network delivers this quite as well as The CW. The home of the Arrowverse and DC's small screen adventures, The CW has already produced a gaggle of crossover events with their various superhero properties. Many fans have been hoping for its long running drama Supernatural to eventually crossover with Arrow, with both sets of actors teasing the possibility for years. And now it turns out that Stephen Amell is more than ready for it to happen, and it putting the ball back in Supernatural's court.

Arrow star Stephen Amell has been known for his Facebook Live sessions, in which he directly interacts with the fans, answering questions posed by those who love his portrayal of Oliver Queen. When asked if the Arrow/Supernatural crossover could ever happen, Amell shared that he's down to clown, saying:

I mean, that's really up to Jensen and Jared. I heard that they're getting a spin-off which is exciting but as the much, much more senior members of the CW family, it really would be about finding a moment in their schedule to make all the fans happy. I'm totally up for it. I'm not trying to pass the buck, but the buck is now sitting at their feet.

Your move, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Stephen Amell is ready to bring his bow and arrow and kick some monster ass, it's just a matter of whether or not the folks over at Supernatural want to get into bed with the DC show. They've teased it for a long time, but will it ever happen?

Supernatural and Arrow actually seem like pretty great choice for a crossover. Both shows are massively successful, and make up the most popular shows currently airing on The CW. Additionally, both series feature similarly broody characters who use their brains and limited physical abilities to battle the forces of evil. Having Green Arrow shoot up one of Supernatural's monsters with arrows would be extremely cool, and I have a feeling that the banter between the three characters would be awesome, as well.

Then again, Arrow is bigger than just its titular show now. With spinoffs like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and the recent inclusion of Supergirl, the Arrowverse is a place where crossovers and action may affect the rest of the shows. If Green Arrow and the Winchester brothers are in an epic battle against monsters, one may left to wonder why Ollie hasn't called for more backup.

Additionally, any possible crossover situation with Supernatural may make the show somehow included in the Arrowverse, which is likely not ideal. Supernatural has been standing on its own two feet for over a decade, and will premiere its whopping 13th season this fall.

Arrow and Supernatural will return this fall. In the meantime, be sure to check our summer premiere list and plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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