Remember when you would play The Sims and you would type in "rosebud" or "motherlode" to get unlimited money so you could just go absolutely insane when building and designing you home? Well, now there's a real-life example of that money's-no-object, has-thirty-of-everything fantasy home, and it could be yours if you've got $250 million to spare. If only "motherlode" worked in real life...

Most Expensive House

A ridiculously opulent mansion in Bel Air just went on sale and is now officially the most expensive home for sale in the United Stated, USA Today reported. The 38,000 square feet mansion at 924 Bel Air Road is going for $250 million, which handily beats out the $195 million mansion in Manalapan, Florida that previously held the title. As you can see above, this place barely looks like a house, and is fully decked out in literally every single luxury you can imagine --- it looks less like a house and more like some massive resort or complex.

Of course, the retailer and designer of the house Bruce Makowsky is fully buying into his property's pricey status, selling the insanely opulent mansion as an estate for "the super affluent that demand the very best in life," as he writes in a statement. He goes on to say that he built and designed the property to be the household equivalent of the mega yachts and massive private planes that the rich and famous have grown accustomed to. Having dubbed the property "Billionaire," Makowsky went about outfitting the mansion in the most cutting-edge technology and decadent works of art and design, sparing absolutely no expense.

The new owner will get all of the extras that Makowsky has put into the estate, which includes tens of millions of dollars worth of art and cars. Yes --- you're getting a car collection with this home!

Most Expensive House

If you couldn't already guess, this place is fit for about 20 families to live in. The mansion has 10 VIP suites and 21 bathrooms throughout its expanse. There's also a seven-person wait staff and a spa included. Oh and of course, a massive infinity pool out front and a helipad on the roof, since you've obviously got to have some place to land your helicopter. Oh, and i should also mention the FREAKING BOWLING ALLEY!

Most Expensive House


Most Expensive Home

And if that wasn't enough, you get your very own wall of candy in the game room. A wall of candy!!

Most Expensive House

Ugh, I have to stop looking at these pics of things I will never have. If there are any millionaires out there that are going to put in a bid for this mansion, can I come to the housewarming party?

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