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There's been no shortage of tension in the Big Brother house over the last couple of weeks. Yet another kitchen argument erupted on Tuesday. But will it have any impact on the plan to send one Houseguest packing? We're about to get into live feed spoilers, including who won the Veto, whether or not it was use, who's on the block and who's probably going home.

Here's how things are shaking out right now in the Big Brother house...

Head of Household:



Jessica (lost Temptation competition)

Elena (originally nominated)

Raven (Replacement nomination for Mark after Veto)

Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Yes, Mark used the Veto to take himself off the block.

Despite what some wanted him to do, Mark used the Veto to take himself off the block. It would've been dumb for him not to, despite people wanting him to show trust by staying on the block. Raven went up as a pawn, and unless something major happens between now and Thursday night (always possible), Jessica will be evicted.

A showmance will be broken up this week no matter what. Josh really does seem to want Elena out, however I don't think he's going to make it work. He's had some conversations about it with Christmas, who seems to flip and flop on the idea, and usually goes back to pushing for Jessica to go, if only to keep her off the jury.

Jessica big brother

A big argument broke out in the kitchen on Tuesday, between Josh, Jessica and Cody. I'm not sure who started it, but it ended with Josh crying over being called fat and "waddling" by Cody, and stupid by Jessica, who also made fun of the way Josh talks. Granted, Josh isn't innocent. He dishes it out plenty, but he has a hard time taking it. When things escalate, he gets upset. To his defense though, he does seem to bounce back quickly. He's had some genuine bro-moments with Mark, despite their fallouts.

Jessica and Cody clearly have no patience left for Josh's antics, but they got personal and a bit ugly with the way they cut him down, including Cody threatening to tear Josh apart when they're out of the house. Comments like that make it clear Cody has a hard time separating this game from real life, which is another reason he's probably just not cut out for this experience. Hopefully he'll prove me wrong if/when Jessica goes, and he actually gets his head in the game. We've seen houseguests rise up when their showmance leaves. Maybe Cody will be that kind of player. Someone has to take Paul out.

Back to the madness, at one point, Josh brought the pots and pans out, Cody got up to approach him and the feeds cut. When they came back on, the pots and pans were out of sight, and Raven somehow hurt her wrist in the scuffle. We didn't see what happened on the feeds, but from what was said, it sounds like Alex might have been trying to separate Josh and Cody (or keep them from attacking each other), and Raven also tried to step in, during which time she either got hurt or claims she did. I don't know if Raven actually got hurt or how bad it was (she was putting ice on it, but who really knows), but at least some of the houseguests (Paul, Alex, Christmas, Jason...) are starting to talk about how Raven always seems to have a story, or finds a way to be involved with things in some way. Seems like she's really started to rub people the wrong way. Enough so that they're talking to each other about it, which may be bad news for Raven long-term.

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As for Jessica and Cody, I wish I could report that these two supposed underdogs were putting up a good front and making any effort to actually play the game. There might be a way out of eviction for Jessica this week. There are people who have grown tired of Raven and might not mind seeing her go. Josh actively wants Elena out, though he's had some trouble rallying the votes. Regardless, there are two nominees for Jessica to campaign against. But she and Cody are not doing anything to make it happen. From what I've seen, they spend most of their time cuddled close together by themselves, talking about life outside the house and being bitter about the game.

In fact, Jessica seems so resigned to her fate that part of what she was screaming to Josh during the argument on Tuesday was how she has a life outside this house, which I interpreted as "I'm over this. It doesn't matter to me." Which I get as a defense, but at the same time, it sucks to hear, considering how many people would love to play Big Brother, not to mention those who have played, and fought to the end to get the votes to stay (many successfully). I know we can't fully understand how hard this experience is for people, but at the same time, I'm getting the sense that it's more important to Jessica and Cody that they're perceived well than that they actually play the game. Maybe not trying looks better than trying and failing, so they've chosen the former. It's hard to classify them as underdogs when they're not really trying to play. If that's the case, as much as I would like to see the house start to shift away from Season: Paul, Jessica is not the hero we need. If she doesn't want to play the game, I won't be sad if she goes.

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