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Ozark Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

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These days, Netflix has not been afraid to cancel its original series if they aren't performing, and with the latest cancellation of Gypsy, it seems to prove once again that not even the projects with the big names attached are safe from the ax. With that said, the crime drama Ozark has managed to get a warm reception from audiences, as well as our own staff, and Netflix seems satisfied enough to move forward, as it has renewed Ozark for Season 2. Here's some of what fans can expect to see next for the Byrde family.

As of now, Netflix has Ozark on the line for another 10 episodes for Season 2. No exact specifics were given regarding run time, although there's no reason to believe it won't be the standard hourlong runtime each episode had outside of the extended season finale. Netflix also didn't offer a time frame as to when to expect these episodes either, beyond "Coming Soon," but we're assuming they'll premiere on the platform sometime in 2018. Interviews with showrunner Chris Mundy sound like they've already mapped out the series, so it doesn't appear they'll need a big delay for anything related to the creative process, although they may have to wait for Arrested Development's production to wrap before kicking things off.

For curious-minded streamers that haven't jumped into the series yet, Ozark tells the tale of financial planner Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), who is in too deep with all the wrong people. In an attempt to save his and his family's lives, Byrde uproots everyone from Chicago and moves to the Missouri Ozarks to find a way to launder millions of dollars in drug money for his Mexican drug cartel employer, Del (Esai Morales). As the trailer will show, that doesn't prove to be an easy task. (Spoiler warning *for those who haven't seen the series, as we'll get into more detailed info below the trailer.)*

Everybody saw that SPOILER WARNING above, right? Okay, now those who have watched Ozark know Season 2 means more craziness for everyone! How will the Cartel respond to the death of Del? How much will Marty regret getting in business with those deadly and impulsive Snells? What will happen to Ruth and the rest of the Langmore clan? There are already so many moving parts to this series that it definitely would've been a major disappointment for fans if this renewal didn't happen, so good on Netflix for keeping a good show alive.

As mentioned, Ozark Season 2 is expected to come to Netflix in 2018. For more discussion on the show, be sure to check out CinemaBlend's own The Cord Cutter Podcast for a full breakdown and discussion of the drama. Hit up our summer premiere guide and fall TV schedule for more great shows coming soon, and look for further for everything coming to the streaming giant, thanks to our 2017 Netflix schedule.

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