The latest season of Game Of Thrones just ended, and now, I'm wide awake speculating on what utter bullshit Cersei might get up to next year. I have my own theories involving damn near every character, of course, but this article isn't about that. I can bore you with all my half-cocked prognostications on who will do it, with what deadly weapon, in which ancient city some other time. Right now, all I want to talk about are the lingering questions I have and most other Game Of Thrones fans should have going into Season 8.

Obviously, this list isn't complete. I could seriously ask a new question every five minutes until I have to get up for work tomorrow morning without running out. Even with limiting myself to only the most important queries, it'll be midnight before I'm finished writing this stream-of-consciousness nonsense. But what the hell? I'll sleep when I'm dead, at least as long as the Night King doesn't find my grave and touch it with his cold finger.

So, like Ned Stark's head, let's roll...

Now That Jon Has Done The Incest, Will He Continue After He Knows It's Incest?

There are now at least two people who know Jon Snow's real identity: Weirdo Bran and Samwell Tarly. I've long given up on predicting what the hell Bran will do at any given moment, but Samwell is a pretty straight arrow. He's going to tell Jon the second he sees him, and when he does, Jon is going to freak out. Regardless of his true parentage, he has too much Ned Stark in him to be immediately OK with banging his aunt. He'll have to pace back and forth for awhile and make some groans before deciding how to carry on.

I don't really think Daenerys will care that much. Incest is in the Targaryen blood. Whether she's happy or not, she'll get over it. But will Jon?

What's Going On With The Red Woman?

The last time we saw Melisandre, she was sparring back and forth with Lord Varys. Ultimately, she dropped a really creepy prophecy that they'll both die on Dragonstone. And then she vanished. She's assumedly in Volantis, but there's no way she doesn't reemerge to play a key role in the final season. She's been too important, and there may or may not be more shadow babies to have.

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