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Big brother paul

The nominations are set. The Veto's been won. And the ceremony took place. Now it's just a matter of the house deciding who's going to go. And all signs point to one houseguest getting the boot this week. We have that info and more live feed spoilers ahead!

Here's where we're at in the house on the Big Brother live feeds right now...

Head of Household:





Veto Winner:


Veto used?

Nope. Matt or Raven will be evicted on Thursday.

It'll most likely be Matt. In fact, he was so on board with his own demise, he's already earned himself a penalty vote from Big Brother for ignoring his have-not requirements.

To recap what's been going on, Jason won the Veto, and despite what he may have told or implied to Matt and Raven, decided not to use it to take Raven off and nominate Kevin. Matt and Raven thought Kevin would be the real target this week. They obviously know now that it's not the case, and this caused some post-Veto-Ceremony chaos, which we'll hopefully get to see in Thursday's episode.

While the house is fed up with Raven's story-telling, they're not so fed up with her that they want her to go before Matt. Most believe Raven will be helpless in the game without Matt, whereas they're not sure where Matt's loyalty will fall if Raven goes first.

This situation isn't going to work out well for Jason and Alex either way. Had Jason used the Veto and put up Kevin, which is what Paul and other's wanted, the house could've voted out either Kevin or Matt, and Jason could have feigned (or actually claimed) ignorance about the outcome. Ironically enough, it seems like it was Jason's fear that the house would do something other than what they promised him they would do -- vote Matt out -- that kept him from using the Veto. Now that the nominations are staying the same, the blame for Matt's (inevitable) eviction is largely on Jason. The blame is also being pushed onto Kevin quite a bit but Paul & Co., presumably so that Matt and Raven don't feel like it was Paul who orchestrated their downfall, and probably so that there are additional targets beyond Jason and Alex. The fact that Paul actually did want Kevin to go up lends some legitimacy to that.

The weird thing is, Alex and Jason aren't even on the best terms with Kevin. So it's not even as if there's some trio of solidarity going on there that will allow them to protect one another after this week. In all likelihood, Jason and/or Alex will be the next targets, as long as Alex doesn't win Head of Household. Jason can't play. Kevin is also an option for eviction, but given their competition prowess, I think Paul wants Alex or Jason out next. I wouldn't say Raven is safe, but I don't think anyone's gunning for her to be the next to go. Jason is probably the main target to go next, with Alex as the backup.

In other news, Josh has given some pretty strong indications that he's on to what Paul is doing. He's made some very interesting comments to the feeders (when he's alone) that he realizes Paul is setting himself up on all sides. He's also raised some questions with Christmas and Paul that indicate he's curious about Paul's maneuvering. As of right now, Paul still seems set to take Christmas and Josh to the end if he can. If he catches wind of Josh's observations, he might change course. Hopefully he doesn't. As of right now, I think Paul deserves to win. If he goes to the end, there can be no doubt about that. But I wouldn't hate it if Josh quietly found a way to turn the tables on Paul before the end of the season, and then go on to win the whole thing.

Whoever takes down Paul needs to win. Otherwise there can be no more deserving winner than Paul this season.

In the meantime, unless something shifts between Wednesday and Thursday, Matt will be evicted on Thursday night. If anyone besides Alex wins Head of Household, expect Alex and Jason to be the next targets.

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