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Ed Westwick Says He Still Has No Idea Who Gossip Girl Was

Chuck Bass Ed Westwick Gossip Girl The CW

Apparently, Gossip Girl's biggest secret never reached the ears of Chuck Bass. Actor Ed Westwick recently confirmed that he is not the best source for discussions regarding the show, as it seems like a major bit of Gossip Girl information never got through to him. When prompted for his favorite plotline of the series via email, Westwick remarked that he, amazingly, still has no idea who Gossip Girl was:

I still am not sure who GG was lol.

In Ed Westwick's defense, Chuck Bass wasn't involved in that whole montage where it was revealed Dan Humphrey was the Gossip Girl of Gossip Girl. Still, it's kind of hilarious that Westwick spent 6 seasons and 121 episodes on this series and hasn't been interested enough to learn what the answer to the show's biggest mystery was. At the same time, it may be the most Chuck Bass-like thing Westwick has ever done!

Gossip Girl fans need to suspend their disbelief and think about this for a moment. Ed Westwick was featured alongside the cast in a Vanity Fair piece for the series, and somehow managed to steal the spotlight with a mixture of ignorance and apathy only Chuck Bass could deliver. The "lol," is a bit out of character, but we can just pretend that's Westwick's way of giving one of his Bass signature facial expressions that are as punchable as they are awe-inspiring. Really, the only way Westwick's response could've been any better is if he followed that email up with saying he didn't need to know, because of course...:

Ed Westwick Chuck Bass Gossip Girl The CW

Somehow, someway, Ed Westwick is unintentionally keeping the spirit of Chuck Bass alive long after Gossip Girl's finale, and he's a damn legend for it.

Unfortunately, there's nothing to report regarding a potential Gossip Girl reunion, although Blake Lively has indicated she would be open to the discussion. Until then, fans will have to survive on the current drama The CW has lined up for this fall, or better yet, watch Ed Westwick on his Netflix series White Gold.

This fall appears to be a good season for drama fans as our fall premiere guide is chocked full of new shows that will rile up that nasty need we all have to see others suffer. If nothing there appears appetizing, perhaps our Netflix guide will contain something more indulgent in the drama department.

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