American Horror Story: Cult Reveals First Looks Its Newest Stars, And Yes There Are Clowns

American Horror Story: Cult's big premiere is just a little over a month away, so FX is giving fans a burst of promotional material to get everyone tensed up and excited for the unpredictable new season. An official trailer has yet to surface, but several different creeptastic teasers have come out, as well as a first look at returning cast member Emma Roberts. Now, we know what some of the newest American Horror Story cast members will look like, as well as their names, but none seem to notice all the clowns around. First up is Arrow vet Colton Haynes.

Colton Haynes american horror story

Colton Haynes, who worked with Ryan Murphy on Scream Queens, is looking pretty dapper as Detective Samuels. Though we don't know for sure what he'll be investigating, it seems pretty clear that it'll have something to do with the weirdo clown creepos that have been at the forefront of American Horror Story: Cult's marketing campaign. But if he's such a good detective, why can't he see that there's one of those clowns is in the background all menacing and shit?

billie lourd american horror story cult

Here we have another Scream Queens vet, Billie Lourd, daughter of actress Carrie Fisher. She will play the character Winter Anderson, so you just know that a bunch of Game of Thrones references are going to follow her around. ("Winter is coming!" sounds like a sex joke that Ryan Murphy would be down with.) Winter doesn't look too happy or comforted to be sitting in a bed that has a clown doll on it, but one assumes she would freak out a lot harder if she saw that non-doll clown beneath the bed.

billy eichner american horror story cult

An actor best known for his comedic performances on Difficult People and Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner is an interesting choice for American Horror Story: Cult, and he's looking quite serious as the old-timey-named Harrison Wilton. Somebody should tell him to hurry up and run inside, though, since he probably won't be too thrilled to turn around to see that ghostly-looking clown there.

allison pill american horror story cult

Former Newsroom star Alison Pill is joining the world of American Horror Story as Ivy Mayfair Richards, which is easily one of my favorite names that this show has given its characters. She doesn't look like your average butcher, but she's certainly got the weapon and the setting correct. As well as all the bloody meat. And she'd better keep that knife in-hand if she wants to live longer than the poofy-haired threat beyond the vinyl curtain.

Finally, we have Cheyenne Jackson, who is the only actor in the first looks to not be new to the American Horror Story franchise. (He was in both Hotel and Roanoke.) For Cult, Jackson will take on the role of Dr. Rudy Vincent, and it looks like he'll be in the field of psychology or psychiatry, Whatever his professional role, we should all hope that his office is on the ground floor, since those clowns outside would have to be of the supernatural variety to appear through the window like that.

Expect more spooky peeks at American Horror Story: Cult's many other characters as the weeks go by, with the season making its grand debut on FX on Tuesday, September 5, at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see when you can watch everything else hitting the small screen soon, head to our summer premiere guide and our fall TV schedule.

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