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Netflix has its fair share of oddball original series, and BoJack Horseman has to be one of the oddest. It's an animated TV show filled with a combination of humans and anthropomorphic animals as the lead characters, with a cast of killer voice actors bringing them to life. The comedy has been enough of a hit that Netflix has already gotten four seasons out of it, and it's not done yet. BoJack Horseman has officially been renewed for a fifth season at Netflix, and Netflix made the announcement in an amazing way. Take a look!

After watching four seasons of BoJack, I can absolutely believe that Mr. Horseman would have an important Netflix executive in his phone as "clingy netflix exec," and many fans may be able to relate to BoJack more than ever after watching this video. While most of us probably don't get texts from Netflix on the regular, I think plenty would be pretty irritated at being interrupted while napping. Then again, most of us probably don't nap as much as BoJack, but... still.

In all seriousness, the renewal announcement (via Twitter) should come as good news for fans of the show. The renewal for the second season came less than a week after the premiere, and the renewal for the fourth season came on the same day as the premiere of the third. Netflix waited nearly two weeks after the Season 4 premiere on September 8 to break the news of the renewal for Season 5. Of course, most shows leave fans waiting much longer than two weeks, so we're lucky on the whole when it comes to how quickly Netflix announces new seasons of BoJack.

Netflix does not release its viewership numbers to the public, so we can't say exactly how many people have been tuning into BoJack over the past several years. Given the speed of the renewals, the odds are pretty good that the audience is sizable. It's worth noting as well that BoJack was creating all kinds of positive buzz with critics and fans alike with the boundary-breaking Season 3 episode that took BoJack under the sea. Throw in the star-studded voice cast, and BoJack Horseman has a recipe for long-term success.

The way Netflix chose to make the announcement is just the latest in a string of instances of Netflix showing a whimsical streak. Who can forget the awesomely weird announcement for the renewal of A Series of Unfortunate Events for Season 2? And the Stranger Things-esque letter from Netflix lawyers recently is definitely great.

A premiere date for Season 5 has not been announced, although the first four seasons were released in late summer to early fall, so we can probably count on the next batch of episodes in the same time frame next year. If you're not caught up on BoJack or haven't tuned in yet, be sure to check out all four seasons currently available, and don't forget to take a look at our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule.