How The Big Bang Theory Premiere Handled Sheldon's Proposal To Amy

sheldon amy getting married season 11 premiere

*Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched the Season 11 premiere of The Big Bang Theory. You have been warned. *

Answering the biggest cliffhanger of its entire run so far, The Big Bang Theory's Season 11 premiere, titled "The Proposal Proposal," did not waste too much time before giving audiences Amy's reply to Sheldon's ring-bearing question. That reply probably didn't make a lot of fans too disgusted, at least the matrimonial-minded ones, as Amy did indeed agree to marry Sheldon. And lo, it was vaguely adorbs and the applause did come. Some slight worry carried throughout the episode that she might change her tune, though, because Sheldon just can't not be Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory's season premiere started off in the very moments after Sheldon asked Amy to marry him in the Season 10 finale, and it involved Sheldon taking a phone call from Leonard (teased in the first previews for the episode). And instead of playing it cool and getting off the phone immediately, Sheldon not only decides to carry on a conversation, and this is when he decides to blurt out that salacious factoid about Dr. Ramona Nowitzki's kiss being the impetus for the proposal that had gone down just seconds before. It was kind of a lot for Amy to take in.

But as it would naturally go, Amy did say "Yes," without railing on Sheldon for that kiss, although she did advise him to stop telling everyone about it in relaying the fact that they're getting married. Amy's choice felt tested later in the episode, when introducing Sheldon to her fellow brainy colleagues, as Sheldon was unable to allow Amy to be the center of the conversation, even within her own job circle. Which makes perfect sense within this world, as Sheldon's decision to ask for Amy's hand in the first place was done with mostly himself in mind, and he even got slammed by guest star Stephen Hawking about his single-mindedness. Because of course he called Hawking about marrying Amy.

Again, though, things worked out quite well Amy and Sheldon, as the buffoonish soon-to-be-groom used a thin Avengers metaphor to convince himself to let Amy cameo in his life. By the end of the episode, when Amy had returned back to her non-summer world (via a three-month time jump), she was apparently so pleased with her relationship that when she laid eyes on Ramona for the first time, Amy went up not to start a fight, but to hug and thank her. Not a lot of high drama, to be sure, but it's comforting that this proposal started out with a scandal and ended in happiness, rather than the other way around. Now for all the dream wedding talk.

Perhaps the most surprising result of Amy and Sheldon's proposal was how Raj was affected, in that he got pretty bummed about not having a significant other to perhaps spend the rest of his life with. And he shared that admission with Stuart, who had to stop the conversation early because he had a date, which gave Raj some disbelief on top of being bummed out. Poor behbeh.

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