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The Flash is finally back for Season 4 after a long hiatus, and the premiere managed to bring Barry back from the Speed Force and introduce the brand new supervillain who could be Barry's greatest bad guy to date. Of course, Team Flash was doing pretty okay in Central City without Barry up until the samuroid showed up to draw the Flash back out. A brand new trailer for what's to come in Season 4 points to Barry and Team Flash not meshing quite as well as they used to, as well as a first look at new superhero Elongated Man and Danny Trejo as Breacher. Check it out!

Consider me officially intrigued about what's to come! We already knew that The Flash would be getting back to some of its lighter roots in Season 4, and the trailer definitely points toward some much less serious action moving forward. That's not to say Barry won't also face dastardly bad guys in the same episodes as his Risky Business-esque dancing and couples counseling with Iris, but the footage is heavy on the lightness. The mummy that seems to have Barry in its clutches isn't the most terrifying creature to appear on the series to date.

Admittedly, Danny Trejo tends to be pretty terrifying in many of his roles, but he's not on board The Flash as a villain with a vendetta against Barry. Trejo is playing a character known as Breacher, and he enters the scene as the father of Gypsy. Cisco and Gypsy have been dating for a while, and Breacher isn't going to be thrilled that somebody is getting up close and personal with his daughter. While there may be some tension with Breacher on hand, he probably won't be trying to take over Central City.

The other new character to debut in this trailer only actually appears for a split second, and he doesn't wear any superhero insignia to set him apart as a DC Comics character. Nevertheless, we learned over the summer that actor Hartley Sawyer would be on board as a recurring hero by the name of Ralph Dibny, a.k.a. Elongated Man. Sawyer is visible in a single scene of the trailer:

the flash elongated man gif

When Elongated Man was being cast, producers were reportedly looking for somebody who could serve as comic relief. He is a private investigator in Central City known for his powers of deduction. Although it's impossible to say much about how he'll fit into Team Flash based on this quick glimpse in the trailer, I think it's safe to say that he'll be played for laughs.

You can catch new episodes of The Flash on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For all the other superhero dates you need, take a look at our fall TV guide.