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We're still not quite sure when we'll get to see Netflix's The Punisher standalone series, but the fan-favorite anti-hero definitely isn't the only Marvel character heading back to the streaming giant. We're pumped to see what Luke Cage and Iron Fist will get into in the former's second season, but what arguably excites us most is finding out what'll happen with Daredevil's Matt Murdock in the aftermath of The Defenders. And since the Man Without Fear's show recently went into production on Season 3, the show released a strange video to get fans hyped.

Okay, so it's not exactly the most cryptic or hard-to-understand video. It's clearly the kind of remembrance placard/announcement one would find at a person's funeral, and that certainly makes some sense within the world of Daredevil in a post-Defenders world, since the team-up show capped off with just about everyone being under the assumption that Matt died in the underground explosions beneath Midland Circle. And while I honestly would have expected Matt's survival to be acknowledged and announced by the time Daredevil Season 3 kicked off, perhaps his downtime will take a bit longer than that as far as the public is concerned. But hey, at least the post says he's fine, and we can generally believe everything we read on the Internet, right?

It's a fairly strange teaser beyond that, too, in that it's just a loop of the central message changing to Braille and then back again, every 10 seconds or so. The Braille is sensible, since we're talking about a blind superhero, even though the only other blind character that was introduced is dead now. (And we seriously doubt Madame Gao's blind goons, however many remain, will be down with attending.) Still, only one change would suffice, guys, unless there's some kind of meaning there. Perhaps I'm just antsy about it because I spent a few minutes trying to see if there were any changes between the Braille versions, when there isn't.

I'm definitely not complaining about getting teasers from Daredevil, though, since it's one of our favorite shows here at CinemaBlend. And it's got us thinking about where Season 3 will end up taking this story. As hinted at by the end of The Defenders, Matt is inside a nunnery and is presumably being seen to by his mother Maggie Murdock, which is likely going to usher in a modified version of the celebrated "Born Again" story arc written by Frank Miller. Here's hoping her nickname for him is "Polluted Fountain" or something, making the above video all the more relevant.

Daredevil Season 3 doesn't have a release date set just yet, but fans can hopefully anticipate its release coming in the summer months of 2018, though likely not any sooner than that. While waiting for more news, practice singing "Amazing Grace" in front of your friends and hit up our 2017 Netflix schedule and our fall TV premiere schedule to see everything hitting the small screen in the near future. And if you want to hear some talk about The Defenders in general, give a listen to our related Cord Cutter episode.