Steve Buscemi Just Joined Daniel Radcliffe's New TV Show For The Best Role

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Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe has a new TV show, in case you didn't know, and the always excellent Steve Buscemi just signed on for the best role, that definitely has us more interested in this series. Buscemi will join TBS's upcoming comedy series Miracle Workers to play Radcliffe's boss, also known as God. Here's what we know about this role so far, and what it means in regards to previously reported news on the series.

As some may know already, Steve Buscemi's role of God was already promised to another high profile actor in Hollywood, Owen Wilson. As confirmed by TVLine, Wilson has exited Miracle Workers, but as of this writing, no reason has been officially given as to why the actor departed the project, but an anonymous source claims the decision was indeed Wilson's to exit the series.

In any case, Buscemi is now in the role and prepared to play God, who has "checked out" and is focusing on his favorite hobbies that he's passionate about, as opposed to anything involving the plight of humanity. As one can imagine, that causes some problems for humanity, and it's up to a low-level angel by the name of Craig (Daniel Radcliffe) to answer humanity's prayers.

The anthology series, which is going to be a seven-episode comedy produced by Saturday Night Live showrunner Lorne Michaels, will feature Radcliffe's character actively working to prevent Earth's destruction in God's absence. On paper, Miracle Workers sounds like a similar concept to AMC's Preacher, although one has to imagine things won't be nearly as dark in this series as they are in Seth Rogen's tale.

While it is sad that a God played by Owen Wilson will be something the world has to wait on, it will be fun to see Steve Buscemi step back into the world of comedy, and on TV no less. Having said that, it's not as though Buscemi has ever really left the genre, as the actor voiced a character in SpongeBob SquarePants in an episode earlier this year, in addition to voicing a character in Jaden Smith's bizarre Netflix anime Neo Yokio. Buscemi was also featured on TBS earlier this year as he played a doctor on a skit on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.

Miracle Workers is set to premiere on TBS sometime in 2018. With the fall season in full swing, that tentative date feels easier to bear than most considering there are a ton of shows to watch already. Keep up with everything happening by bookmarking our fall premiere guide, which is jam-packed with the dates and channels for some shows that are definitely worth checking out. For more on Steve Buscemi (because one can never have enough), read up on what the actor thinks was his best death scene in his career has been.

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