Daniel Radcliffe And Owen Wilson Have A New Show Together

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Though actor Daniel Radcliffe got his acting start on TV with the David Copperfield miniseries back in 1999, he's been pretty particular about what small screen projects he's taken since then, with his only regular role happening in the U.K. dramedy A Young Doctor's Notebook. But that all changes soon for U.S. audiences, who will get to watch the Harry Potter vet team up with the versatile Owen Wilson for a brand new TV show, called Miracle Workers, which was ordered to series earlier today at TBS.

An anthology comedy that will change things up from season to season, Miracle Workers' initial outing will take place in the almighty setting of Heaven, and it will fit into the workplace comedy template. Daniel Radcliffe will play a lower-tier angel named Craig whose main duty is taking care of the surfeit of prayers that humanity puts forth on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Owen Wilson has the somewhat notable role of playing God, who's obviously Craig's boss in this scenario, but this messiah isn't doing what He's supposed to, as He's basically stopped running heaven in order to pay attention to his personal interests. Which means that Earth is heading for mass destruction, unless Craig can manage to pull off his most impressive and incredible miracle yet.

Miracle Workers sounds as crazy as can be, which is an expected trait, as it's being created by Simon Rich, the incredibly imaginative and surreal author whose books inspired his other series, the recently cancelled Man Seeking Woman, which spun a winning pair out of Jay Baruchel and Eric Andre. Here's hoping Daniel Radcliffe and Owen WIlson share the same kind of jovial chemistry.

Owen Wilson made big waves last year as part of the critic-thwarting Zoolander 2, and he's got a big rest of the year, as he'll star opposite Julia Roberts in the drama Wonder, he's playing Ed Helms' fraternal twin in the comedy Bastards, and he'll be heard once more as Lightning McQueen in Cars 3. Daniel Radcliffe, meanwhile, made waves in 2016 for playing a farting corpse in Swiss Army Man, and gained more critical acclaim for his dark turn in Imperium. He's got two interesting and presumably intense dramas on the way, too, in the form of Jungle and Beast of Burden.

While no release date has been locked down just yet for Miracle Workers, we can expect to see it show up on TBS in 2018, likely in the midseason months. While waiting to hear more about it, head to our summer TV schedule to see what shows are definitely heading to your eyeballs in the near future.


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