Star Wars Rebels Trailer Shows Epic Space Battles And A Ton Of X-Wings

Star Wars Rebels recently kicked off its fourth and final season on Disney XD with a two-part premiere that may have answered a gigantic question about the Mandalorians. Now that the Mandalorian arc seems pretty wrapped up, we're probably moving back into the main action of the Rebel Alliance and its battle against the Empire. A trailer has been released for what's to come, and it reveals space battles epic enough to stand up against some of those on the big screen. Also, X-wings. Lots and lots and lots of X-wings. Take a look!

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If I wasn't already super psyched about what's in store in the rest of Star Wars Rebels Season 4, this trailer (courtesy of Disney XD on Twitter) would have done the trick. We've known for a while that Season 4 would take the group of Rebels closer than ever to the events of Rogue One and A New Hope, and earlier trailers revealed that we'd finally be seeing some X-wings in action; this new footage indicates that we're in for some of the most epic space battle action of Star Wars to date. The Rebels seem to have gotten their hands on a lot of the iconic ships that first appeared 1977 in A New Hope to make the Death Star run.

That said, the footage makes it clear that all those awesome X-wings won't exactly give the Rebels a huge advantage over the Empire. In fact, the Empire seems to have sent out a whole bunch of Star Destroyers to counter the Rebels' X-wings, and those Star Destroyers pack a whole lot of firepower. Additionally, there are plenty of TIE fighters swarming out of those Destroyers, along with some formidable TIE Defenders.

Hera will have the space dogfights of her life ahead of her, and the stakes have never been higher. At least she's one character whose fate we don't have to worry about. It's almost hard to believe that the show set to feature epic space battles (and X-wings!) in Season 4 is the same show that had our heroes getting into puffer pig shenanigans in Season 1. The show (and the heroes) have really grown up.

The trailer also features some interesting shots that don't actually take place in space. For one, Kanan and Ezra seem to have gone undercover in different clothes, although their lightsabers are a bit of a giveaway. There's another glimpse of Rukh, and it's clear that Ezra and Co. will be returning to Lothal. We even get a look at the Yavin 4 war room where Princess Leia would later wait as the Death Star got closer and closer. All things considered, we're in for an epic rest of Season 4.

New episodes of Star Wars Rebels air on Mondays on Disney XD. If that's not enough Star Wars action for you, the Forces of Destiny shorts can give you a fun fix between Rebels episodes. The next episode will answer a big question left over from Rogue One, and it should definitely be worth the watch.

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