Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Kris Jenner Is Making A Ton Of Money In New E! Contract

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been a huge hit of a series for E! as a whole bunch of people have become invested in the illustrious and dramatic lives of the extended Kardashian family. The show is currently airing its fourteenth season, and E! just nailed down a contract to guarantee another couple years of Kardashian action. As it turns out, Kris Jenner in particular will be making a ton of money under the new contract due to the fact that she functions as manager as well as cast member.

The new deal for Keeping Up with the Kardashians guarantees the Kardashians on board for five more seasons at $30 million per season, meaning an overall deal of $150 million. The money is meant to be divided among the members of the cast, although a hefty chunk of change will go directly to the person who managed the deal. In this case, Kris Jenner was the manager, and she has secured $15 million in manager's fees, or 10% of the overall deal. TMZ reports that Jenner is actually giving the rest of the cast a bit of a break, as managers often get up to 15% in major deals.

Kris Jenner will get more out of the deal with E! than just the $15 million, as the rest of the $135 million is set to be distributed between the members of the family as they see fit. She's still entitled to a chunk of that $135 million, although it remains to be seen how much of it she'll get. The rest of the family may feel inclined to stiff her a little bit after she already guaranteed 10% of the lump for herself. That said, she did earn that $15 million. The odds are that Kris Jenner will be one of if not the top earner among the cast members once the money is distributed.

The money won't be distributed all at once, however. The deal for $150 million involves five seasons of $30 million each; the family won't collect their entire fees at the outset. The renewal will keep Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the air through 2019, at which point they'll presumably have divvied up the entire sum of money guaranteed in the new contract.

The deal for $150 million is reportedly a bump of about 50% from the previous Keeping Up with the Kardashians deal, so the rest off the family should be thankful for how Kris Jenner handled the negotiations. Fans should be grateful as well, as the renewal means that more info on the three Kardashian pregnancies should hit the airwaves. New episodes air on E! A Christmas special is still to come.

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