The Kingkiller Chronicles TV Show Has Found A Home, And We're Loving It

Kingkiller Chronicles

Definitely one of the most exciting television projects being developed right now is the adaptation of The Kingkiller Chronicles series of novels -- not only because the best-selling fantasy series is wonderful, but because it's got Lin-Manuel Miranda as a main creative force. The Hamilton superstar is executive producing the series AND composing the music, so any network would be happy to gobble this one up. That network has finally revealed itself to be Showtime, who will be the exclusive home of The Kingkiller Chronicles television series.

There's currently no release date for The Kingkiller Chronicles series, but when it does finally make it to air, it will do so on Showtime. The network is developing the project with the Grammy, Tony, and Emmy-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda serving as executive producer and John Rogers (Leverage, The Librarians) as showrunner. Patrick Rothfuss, the author of the novels, is also on hand to executive produce.

The Kingkiller Chronicles TV project has Showtime's version of Game of Thrones written all over it, but unlike that award-winning series, The Kingkiller Chronicles project will be an original story. The show will be set a generation before the events of the first book, The Name of the Wind, and will follow two wandering performers traveling the world of Temerant, experiencing adventure, magic, and dark forces.

For those who may not have read Patrick Rothfuss' so far two book long series (a third is on the way, someday), it tells the story of Kvothe, an extremely skilled magician, performer, and warrior, and the adventures that led him to becoming one of the most notorious figures who ever lived. Living in self-imposed exile, he is one day discovered by a chronicler who convinces him to tell him the story of his life. Each novel is Kvothe describing his origin story over the course of one day, a story filled with romance, magical worlds, and a malevolent figure that Kvothe has a personal grudge against.

The Kingkiller Chronicles is going to be around in a big way over the next few years. Not only is the third book on the way (eventually), but the ultimate goal for this series is for there to be a TV series and an accompanying movie. The movies will likely follow the books, while the series will serve as a non-essential supplement to that material. This collaborative franchise comes from Lionsgate and let's hope it works out better than Dark Tower did.

There is no release date for this ambitious project just yet, but stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with information as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, there's plenty on TV on right now to watch, so head on over to our fall TV season premiere guide to learn more.

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