Seth Rogen's Next Comic Book TV Show Just Got Ordered To Series

The Boys Dynamite Comics

Seth Rogen has been on fire with television shows as of late. Preacher concluded Season 2 in a dramatic fashion on AMC not too long ago, he's got Future Man ready to roll out on Hulu next Tuesday, and he's got another comic book-based tv show that just got ordered to series. Amazon has announced they've picked up the live-action adaptation of The Boys for a bloody adventure due to premiere sometime around 2019.

Set between the years of 2006 and 2008, The Boys follows a CIA-based superhero squad tasked with monitoring a superhero community gone completely corrupt and reckless. The comics stem from the minds of Preacher creator and famed Punisher writer Garth Ennis and Transmetropolitan illustrator Darick Robertson. Ennis promised when he first wrote the series that it would "Out-Preacher, Preacher," in terms of violence, which is a tall glass to fill in terms of expectations, but considering what Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg have managed to pull off on Preacher, fans should be eager to see what the trio can accomplish in eight episodes of The Boys.

Just from glancing at a storyline that involves "asteroid vaginas," it goes without saying that The Boys won't be for the easily offended. That should be fairly obvious considering the controversy Preacher has managed to stir up, but regardless, those who may not enjoy insane displays of violence and lots of weird humor might steer clear of this drama, which is set to start shooting in Spring 2018. As for everyone else who can't wait to see such depravity on a small screen, strap in, because this show is going to be buck wild.

Of course, that's all assuming The Boys follows the plot lines of the original 72 comic series. While we have no reason to believe the series will deviate too far from the source material, we've already seen Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (who will direct and executive produce the series) take creative liberties with Preacher's story along the way. With 8 episodes planned for The Boys Season 1, it will be a truly impressive feat if Amazon can get this series all 72 issues' worth of stories without some major outcry from advocacy groups. The Boys does have Supernatural creator Eric Kripke as the creator, showrunner and writer behind this whole deal, and considering how long his flagship show has run, everyone knows he's prepared for such lengthy seasons to happen.

As mentioned, The Boys is primed for a 2019 release date at Amazon, and who knows if the general public will be ready for it by then? For more on Seth Rogen and his crazy mind, read about the joke he thought of for Pineapple Express that James Franco stole from him, or catch up on the news of Preacher's Season 3 renewal. For more on upcoming fall programming that may or may not be nearly as insane as The Boys, visit our fall premiere guide.

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