On a list of mysteries that have plagued the Arrow-verse for a while now, the identity of Arrow's Vigilante tops the list. Arrow showrunners have teased that Season 6 will reveal the Vigilante as someone fans know. So, in honor of the upcoming sixth season, here are the top characters we think could have an affinity for killing criminals and ski goggles:

Adrian Chase (...Sort Of)

It's an Arrow mind-blower that would almost be a rip off The Flash's Savitar reveal, but that doesn't mean it's any less likely. Seeing the face of Adrian Chase under the mask of Vigilante would definitely be a surprise to Oliver and the gang, and likely would shock most fans upon reveal as well. While the typical Arrow-verse M.O. would be to say "this is Earth-2 Adrian," it's also worth mentioning that the Adrian Chase of the comics has a brother, Dorian Chase. If Vigilante was Dorian, it was pretty messed up for Prometheus to toss his own brother off a building! In either case, this Vigilante identity would definitely be an antagonist tied to Oliver, as that seems who he was most concerned with before he disappeared.

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