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With Netflix severing ties with Kevin Spacey and refusing to feature House Of Cards should the show's final season include the actor, the show is in a bit of a pickle. With Spacey removed, the show's script for Season 6 needs to be reworked and the series needs a new direction in which to wrap up. Meanwhile, the cast and crew have been informed that an official decision regarding the show's future should be made by Thanksgiving, which means we should know exactly what is going to happen soon.

The date, which is being reported by CNN, gives the House Of Cards decision-makers less than two weeks to figure out how to save Season 6. Removing Kevin Spacey ultimately removed eight months of script work for the show, and the writers will now have to come up with a way to continue the series without Spacey in tow. Even if the show finds a way to make it happen, the final decision on whether or not to go with the new plan rests on the shoulders of Netflix and its producer Media Rights Capital.

In the meantime, House Of Cards currently has over 2,000 members of the cast and crew waiting to hear the final verdict. They serve as another factor in this scenario, as the show's delays could cause several people with the show to exit before the series can wrap due to contractual obligations with other projects. House Of Cards was originally supposed to wrap production on Season 6 in May of 2018, and it's presently unknown at this time whether or not that end date will be changed following the hiatus.

As far as whether or not the House Of Cards showrunners are currently scrapping the entire Season 6 plans for a full rewrite or weighing other options is unknown at this time. Neither of the co-showrunners, Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, have issued any public statements regarding the future of the series. With 11 days to go until Thanksgiving, chances are high one of them will make a public statement sooner or later.

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