Could Sara Ramirez Return To Grey's Anatomy At Some Point?

Callie Torres late into her run on Grey's

There's long running TV shows, and then there's ABC's Grey's Anatomy. The medical drama is currently in the midst of its whopping 14th season on the network, and has therefore seen quite the revolving door of actors come and go. The Season 12 finale saw the unexpected (and unceremonious) departure of Sara Ramirez's Callie Torres, who had been on the show for a decade. Fan outcry came immediately, since Ramirez left the series with very little warning, resulting in Callie not really getting the exit she deserved. But would the actress be open to returning for a guest appearance in the future? It certainly seems so, although it would likely have to be the right story and reason. She recently opened up about this possibility, saying:

When Shonda [Rhimes] and I last spoke, we agreed to keep the conversations going, and she knows I'm open to keeping those conversations going.

It looks like we may see Callie return sometime down the road, although it's not going to happen anytime soon; at least not with Sara Ramirez's recently busy schedule.

Sara Ramirez's comments to EW are sure to give the hardcore Grey's fans hope, who miss the beloved orthopedic surgeon. But we shouldn't get our hopes up to see Callie show back up in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital this season, as Ramirez is a new series regular on CBS' Madam Secretary. Ramirez is debuting in the show's fourth season, and she'll be a major force in the political drama's trajectory. Ramirez is playing political strategist Kat Sandoval, and is rocking a badass new look in the process.

While the fandom is no doubt supportive of Sara Ramirez (who seems very happy in her new role), the way Callie departed the series still feels off. Ramirez reportedly made the decision around the time of the Season 12 finale, so there was no setup or build up in the writing. Instead, after a harrowing custody battle for Sofia with Arizona, she decided to pack up and move to New York City with new girlfriend Perfect Penny. It came out of nowhere, and Callie didn't have a final scene with any of her friends and colleagues that she worked with for ten years.

But hopefully we'll see Callie pop up in the future, especially if Grey's Anatomy ever shows any signs of slowing down and finishing the series. Fellow alum Sandra Oh has expressed similar feelings about reprising her role as Cristina. Oh has no interest in showing up anytime soon, but seems to be willing to step back into Cristina's scrubs if a series finale were to happen. Then again, Grey's seems like it just may run forever at this point.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC, and Madam Secretary airs Sundays on CBS. Be sure to check out our cancellation list to see if your favorite show got the chop.

Corey Chichizola
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