Watch Jimmy Fallon And Adam Levine Rock Out The NYC Subway In Full Disguises

Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show can always be counted upon to deliver some zany antics and crazy shenanigans with celebrity guests. He recently teamed up with Adam Levine and band Maroon 5 for a public performance that nobody saw coming. Fallon, Levine, and the rest of the band members donned full disguises and headed down to a subway platform right below Rockefeller Center in New York City, and the result was pretty awesome. Take a look!

Performers on public transportation platforms aren't exactly rare, and so it's no surprise that nobody in the video seemed to suspect that this group of singers was actually comprised of some seriously big names in showbiz. That said, it's clear that the passersby definitely noticed that this particular singer had a super polished voice and presence, even if he was looking scruffy with his features obscured by beard, wig, hat, and sunglasses.

Everybody on the platform did seem shocked when Jimmy Fallon made the announcement that he and the others weren't random performers at all. Even Adam Levine's smooth vocals apparently didn't prepare the people around him for the moment when he removed his wig and fake beard, and the platform was suddenly flooded with a lot more people with cell phones out and ready to snap pics. I do have to wonder if at least some of the people suspected something was up when they realized there were cameramen filming the seemingly random group of performers.

All things considered, kudos to the crowd for keeping enough of a distance for Adam Levine and the rest of the band to get going on "Sugar." After all, Jimmy Fallon and Adam Levine are very recognizable figures. Fallon is one of the biggest names in late night television, and Levine is a key figure on The Voice in addition to his successful musical career. It wouldn't have been shocking if they mobbed the celebrities, but they were game to listen and watch.

I'm not sure how much everybody in the crowd appreciated Jimmy Fallon's contributions to "Sugar." His vocals definitely stuck out as less polished than those of the band, and he did seem determined to chime in on some of the highest notes. He may be one of the most popular personalities on late night television, but he's no Adam Levine when it comes to music. Still, this was a pretty fun performance all around.

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