Streaming NFL Games Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks To $2 Billion Deal

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As the NFL continues to work out deals with companies to offer its games across a wider range of platforms, it's made some pretty lucrative deals. More recently, the organization partnered with Amazon for the rights to stream Thursday Night Football games, but that pales in comparison to the deal it just signed with Verizon. The telecom company just acquired the rights to live-stream NFL games to any mobile, web, and connected-TV device nationwide across all platforms, and it's safe to say this over $2 billion deal is going to make streaming football a whole lot easier.

For the next five NFL seasons, Verizon will be the home for all football-related streaming, and all it took was around $2.25 billion to make it happen. As mentioned above, this deal isn't just for Verizon, and, going forward, all mobile carriers and network providers will be able to show all games -- be it preseason, regular season, playoffs, or the Super Bowl -- up until the 2022-2023 season. The only games that won't be shown courtesy of Verizon in the near future are the afternoon out-of-market games, which will continue to belong to AT&T and its NFL Sunday Ticket.

In addition to mobile phones, Variety adds that the deal will also be valid across all Verizon and Oath properties such as Yahoo, Yahoo Sports, AOL, and Go90. Essentially, this new deal will make NFL streaming about as widespread as it has ever been, as well as offer yet another streaming alternative to those out-of-market sports fans looking to cut the cord from traditional television services. While the deal won't go fully into effect until the 2018-19 season, folks should be able to view the NFL postseason as late as January 21st on Yahoo sites, Go90, and the NFL Mobile App.

Take that, and the fact that the NFL gave Verizon the rights to sell select in-game ad inventory on its platforms, and it appears the service is getting every dollars' worth out of this new and exciting deal. As mentioned, Verizon's deal will make streaming NFL football something that can be achieved across any mobile device, and the company plans on featuring other content NFL fans will enjoy as well. The telecom company has plans for NFL highlights, in-depth coverage, and even original content like virtual reality experiences. Verizon will also continue to be the official wireless sponsor of the NFL, while also being the presenting sponsor of the Pro Bowl and NFL Scouting Combine. Considering the money the company has spent, it feels as though it earned it.

The new Verizon streaming deal doesn't kick off until the 2018-19 season, but some features of it will be rolling out around the time of the NFL playoffs. For more on upcoming non-sports related programming, be sure to visit our midseason premiere guide and fall premiere guide. Those who wish to see what shows got dropped harder than a quarterback with a weak offensive line in 2017 can visit our cancellation guide.

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