What Marvel's Netflix Shows Should Do With Turk Barrett, According To The Actor

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The Marvel shows on Netflix have created a complex corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there's a decent amount of crossover between characters. While Luke Cage and Matt Murdock don't cross paths all that often aside from The Defenders, other characters do have a habit of turning up on the various shows, and they're not all on the side of the heroes like Claire Temple. Small time crook Turk Barrett has appeared in Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Defenders, and The Punisher so far, and actor Rob Morgan has some ideas of what should happen next for his character, saying this:

[I want to see the] inside of Turk Barrett, see what makes him tick outside of just being this deep informant [and] gun-drugs-arms dealer. I can see Turk having a beautiful woman, potentially even a kid. There's gotta be Turk 2, somebody to come up behind him. . . . I could see him being that kind of guy, everybody's guy, and yet, serious about getting his money when it's time to get his money. That's the kind of interesting thing his superpower would be, being able to shut off humanity to going back to being a beast of getting that money in the streets.

Turk Barrett is a criminal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix, but he's no Fisk or Kilgrave. In fact, he's mostly down on his luck as a bad guy, having his plots foiled by one vigilante or another, and he often ends up either robbed or forced into becoming an informant. If he had some kind of superpower, he might not be in so much trouble with the good guys on such a regular basis! Rob Morgan's comments to The Verge indicate that he'd like to see more of Turk than just the small time crook who gets in over his head on a regular basis.

None of the Marvel shows have delved into Turk's backstory, so it wouldn't even be a ret-con if Turk someday revealed that he'd had a kid and a love interest all along. Given how successful the Marvel Netflix series have been (and continue to be), Turk could have a place in the MCU for a long time to come. He's certainly the kind of character who will be able to weasel his way into survival under just about any circumstances.

Rob Morgan could definitely pull his weight if he got to portray Turk Barrett in a fight. The actor has a mixed martial arts background that would undoubtedly help make for some interesting fight sequences. Morgan weighed in on the possibility of playing Turk in more action than he's gotten to so far:

That part of me says 'when can Turk Barrett kick some ass? Turk Barrett wants to kick some ass, too. I want to at least throw a punch here and there.

The Marvel Netflix shows aren't slowing down, so it's entirely possible that Rob Morgan will have the chance to throw some punches. Jessica Jones Season 2 is the next batch of episodes slated to be released with a premiere date in March, with Luke Cage Season 2 to follow later in the year. Daredevil Season 3 will probably be next, and then Iron Fist Season 2. The Punisher recently scored an order for a second season. No official news of renewal or cancellation for The Defenders has been announced.

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