Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Release Date Revealed In First Trailer

Marvel Studios is perhaps most commonly associated with its silver screen blockbusters, which consistently bring in a ton of movie, as well as rave reviews. But they've also got a fair amount of TV content being produced, the best of which are over at Netflix. With The Defenders now in the rear view, the time has come to look to the upcoming seasons of each standalone series, including Season 2 of Jessica Jones. While production for the show's sophomore season has been mostly kept under wraps, the first trailer has finally arrived. And it comes along with the release date of the next batch of episodes: March 8th.

She's finally back! While this clip is relatively short, there are a few details that tease exactly what we should expect when Krysten Ritter's signature character finally gets another adventure on her own.

Following her battle to save New York in The Defenders, Jessica Jones is once again attempting to get back on her feet and continue her private investigation office. With the help of Malcolm, things seem to be going well enough at the start. But there will no doubt be another conflict that puts her in danger, and she's likely gaining a serious reputation. Jessica has never been one to hide her abilities, but news travels fast a City that has already recovered from the events of The Avengers aka The Incident.

Sometime during Season 2's runtime, it looks like Jessica will once again have some trouble with the law, and end up getting at least temporarily arrested. Good thing she's got a great lawyer in the form of Carrie-Anne Moss' Jeri Hogarth. But once again needing to get bailed out will no doubt bring up her complicated feelings about The Defenders ending, and the fate of Matt Murdock.

And that won't be the only internal conflict that Jessica Jones' title character will be delving into during her sophomore season on Netflix. With the help of Trish's support, it seems Jessica will continue working on the trauma associated with Season 1 villain Kilgrave (David Tennant). The first stills to come from the upcoming second season actually featured Tennant alongside Krysten Ritter, leading many to wonder if it were possibly he was coming back from the dead. But perhaps a more logical choice is that he'll be used through flashback sequences and/or attacks from her PTSD that she was stricken with throughout the show's first season.

While Jessica's fans were lucky to see her teaming with the rest of the heroes in The Defenders, it'll be great to go back to the show's signature style. The early episodes of the miniseries let the shows continue their visual hues, but once the group united for the first time that wrapped. Jessica Jones is noir-esque with its filming and signature theme song, and it works great with Krysten Ritter's grumbly, layered performance and the show's use of suspense.

Jessica Jones will debut its second season March 8th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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