MSNBC Reporter Had Her Broadcast Crashed By Dinosaurs, Check It Out

It's been proven time and time again: one can never predict what will happen when a camera goes live on TV. Routine segment are crashed by rowdy sports fans, folks may purposefully be jerks, or in rare instances, a pack of people in dinosaur costumes trying to have a little fun. The latter of these off-the-wall scenarios recently unfolded when MSNBC's Hallie Jackson was trying to talk taxes, and everyone needs to check it out:

Those who were watching to make sense of any "Tax Law Confusion," were probably more baffled at why three T-Rex's were screwing around in the background of Hallie Jackson's report! The fact that three people got the idea to get together, dress up like dinosaurs, and then run around in the background of an MSNBC report is pretty amazing, but who would do such a thing? Unfortunately, those answers may never come, as Jackson kept her eyes on the prize and didn't acknowledge the three prehistoric goofballs having a blast behind her.

That's not to say Hallie Jackson didn't find the situation humorous. Following her report, Jackson retweeted the moment on her personal Twitter and seemed to appreciate the viral moment that spurred from a typical news segment. She even had a joke of her own to share as one retweet featured her quoting a famous line from Jurassic Park:

Admittedly, she has good reason to laugh off this moment, as this is one of the more playful news bloopers you'll find of Hallie Jackson on the web. Unfortunately, one of her other viral moments features Jackson getting a runny nose at a less than opportune moment on-air, resulting in some embarassing nose drippings. This T-Rex moment is far more entertaining than that blooper, so let's hope it over-shadows the past viral moment into obscurity.

As for the dinosaur costumes, the trendy T-Rex suits took another large step towards becoming a memorable part of this decade's pop culture. From comic-cons to American Ninja Warrior, people seem to be obsessed with running around in public pretending to be a dinosaur. Of course, there are far worse things that people could be doing in their spare time, so it doesn't feel quite right to knock on anyone for just having a little fun.

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