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Hugh Laurie's Chance Cancelled At Hulu, Will Not Return For Season 3

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Nothing is ever certain on the small screen, and few shows are ever guaranteed to have a future unless they're lucky enough to score multi-season orders. Unfortunately for fans of acclaimed actor Hugh Laurie, we have some bad news about his series on Hulu. The streaming service has cancelled Chance after only two seasons, meaning that it will not return for a third season.

Chance actually was lucky enough to score a multi-season order following a bidding war in 2016 that saw it ultimately end up on Hulu. The series landed an order for two seasons of ten episodes each right off the bat, guaranteeing that viewers would get at least a couple of batches of episodes. News of the cancellation will undoubtedly come as a bummer for fans who were already hoping that a third season would be on the way sooner rather than later. While Chance was one of the best new shows of 2016, it will not live on into 2018. Deadline reports that the cancellation is a result of the current overabundance of scripted television rather than a reflection of the quality of the series.

The series certainly did show viewers a new side of Hugh Laurie. While the actor admittedly did play his fair share of characters with darker sides prior to landing the Hulu series, Chance definitely took him in a grimmer direction than we usually saw from him. He played a forensic neuropsychiatrist by the name of Eldon Chance, based out of San Francisco. Chance found himself sucked into a world filled with violence and danger. He had to deal with everything from mental illness to police corruption to mistaken identity after he made one fateful mistake with a certain woman.

Hulu's decision to cancel Chance comes as a bit of a surprise due to the fact that Hugh Laurie was the leading man, but it's not as though Hulu will be lacking for original series without Chance. The streaming service just ordered a second season for the new Marvel series Runaways, and 90s kids were recently delighted to learn that a reboot of Animaniacs is in the works for Hulu. Throw in Castle Rock (which will be an anthology series based on the works of Stephen King) and the upcoming third season of The Path, and Hulu has plenty going on even without Chance. Hopefully fans of Chance will be able to find something new to their liking.

Not too many shows have gotten the axe in 2018 so far, but you can find all those that were cancelled last year in our 2017 TV cancellation rundown. All 20 episodes of Chance are currently available for watching (or rewatching), and you can find your viewing options for the coming weeks on our midseason TV premiere guide and our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule. For more on streaming TV in 2018, take a listen to the latest episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast.

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