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Marvel's Runaways Renewed For Season 2 At Hulu

Marvel's success on the small screen knows no bounds, and Hulu broadened the MCU's streaming game with the teens vs. parents action-drama Runaways. Hulu must have the ability of super-timing, because the company announced Runaways has been renewed for Season 2, and the announcement coincided with this week's Season 1 finale. Somebody put a party hat on Old Lace's head, because it's time to celebrate.

Fans were no doubt hoping that Marvel's Runaways was doing well enough with viewers for Hulu to order Season 2, since the series' first ten episodes did a pretty fantastic job of bringing the comic series to live-action. And with more than enough changes and switcheroos to keep things interesting for longtime readers. There's even more good news, too, as Hulu upped the episode count for Season 2, which will get 13 episodes to expand this wild and unpredictable world. Though it wasn't stated directly, we're expecting the second batch of adventures to kick off in late 2018, and all without any teenage sacrifices!

Considering the renewal news came ahead of the season finale's debut, there wasn't any concrete new information to be gleaned from the announcement. Although co-creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage did hint at some pretty exciting stuff on the way, with the fans' input possibly having a part to play in it all.

The conversations with the fans have been gratifying. We hear and see you. We appreciate your passion and hearing how much the show means to you. Beware the possibility of a dinosaur on the streets of Los Angeles...and earthquakes!

SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! If you haven't yet watched through the Season 1 finale, please do that before reading.

All the tables turned in "Hostile," with everyone coming to realize just how evil and duplicitous Jonah has actually been for all these years, and everyone else discovered Leslie's shared sins as well. The Yorkes detected a mysterious lifeform at the bottom of the big hole -- which almost definitely plays into the earthquakes tease, right? -- but seemingly only Frank knows that Jonah is hiding another entity in one of his mysterious containers. Alex called his father's friend-turned-enemy Darius in what looked like an effort to double-cross Geoffrey, but then Geoffrey made a call and framed all the teens for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez, Pride's failed sacrifice from earlier this season. So all in all, there are more than enough cool and interesting directions to take things in Season 2, especially now that the kids can actually live up to the Runaways title.

With the season finale now out there for everyone's enjoyment, all ten Season 1 episodes are available to stream on Hulu (opens in new tab). Check out all the other superhero TV shows coming in 2018, and then check out our midseason premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the coming months.

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