Former Disney Star Adam Hicks Has Been Arrested For Armed Robbery

Adam Hicks Disney Channel

Much has been said about the lives of child actors and the drastic changes that come when they grow up. Some, like Okja's Jake Gyllenhaal or La La Land's Ryan Gosling, make seemingly seamless transitions into adult acting with minimal hiccups. Others experience somewhat more tumultuous transitions. The latter is possibly on display today, as former Disney star Adam Hicks has been arrested for allegedly committing multiple counts of armed robbery in Los Angeles.

The star of the series Pair of Kings and the Disney TV movie Lemonade Mouth, Adam Hicks was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly perpetrating a series of armed robberies in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California. The incidents include Hicks and his girlfriend reportedly approaching people on the street and holding them up with a gun to steal cell phones, money, and various other items. Among the victims is a pair of elderly women in their 70s.

Adam Hicks was apprehended on Wednesday, January 25, when an LAPD SWAT team raided a house that the How To Eat Friend Worms star was staying at, and he was taken into custody. Per the TMZ report on this arrest, felony charges have been brought against Hicks, and he is being held with bail set at $350,000. This situation is not Hicks' first run-in with the law, and he was actually taken in by police twice last year -- one time for unlawfully firing a gun, and another time for battery. In both instances, the cases were rejected due to insufficient evidence.

The 25-year-old actor was at one point a consistent figure on The Disney Channel, with credits on projects like Disney XD's Zeke and Luther, Pair of Kings, and the 2011 TV movie Lemonade Mouth. Outside of The Disney Channel, Adam Hicks started out the sitcom Titus, and has also appeared on shows like the iconic police procedural CSI, and could most recently be seen on Hulu's Freakish, which is currently awaiting news of a third season. As far as performances go, Adam Hicks has generally long been known as a comedic actor, and many of his Disney Channel characters relied on bizarre scenes involving very broad and wacky shenanigans. You can check out such an example of one of the show's several rap sequences below to see for yourself.

It would almost make sense if this turned out to be some kind of an extended prank, but that apparently isn't the case. While waiting to learn more about this strange case, make sure to take a look at our comprehensive midseason premiere guide to get yourself up-to-date on all of the shows set to debut this spring!

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