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Watch Jamie Foxx Walk Off A Live ESPN Interview Over Katie Holmes Question

This weekend was full of NBA All-Star weekend fun and shenanigans, from the annual dunk contest to the three-point shootout to rapper Twista allegedly getting into a late night brawl after a Michael Jordan house party. (As we've all done before, amirite?) But it wasn't very fun for actor Jamie Foxx to take part in a particular ESPN interview ahead of the All-Star Celebrity Game. Watch as Foxx bemusedly decides to depart mid-interview after his relationship with Katie Holmes got brought up.

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Someone should have mentioned to SportsCenter's Michael Smith that it's always good to know one's audience when diving into an interview like this. Jamie Foxx was getting physically and mentally prepared for the All-Star Celebrity game on Friday night, and in agreeing to take the interview, he probably expected the entire conversation would revolve around that night's game, and basketball in general. But then Smith went and tried to make the subject matter a little more personal by bringing up some recently released Valentine's Day paparazzi shots, in which Foxx and girlfriend Katie Holmes were heading to play basketball themselves. And as seen in the clip, that's when the Oscar-winning celeb popped his headphones off and started removing the other microphone equipment, with a look of "WTF" incredulousness covering his face.

Throughout his decades-spanning career, Jamie Foxx has never been known for putting his personal life on display for the world, and he's largely remained free from tabloid headlines during that time. Dating Katie Holmes changed that, of course, but the couple are still about as low-key as can be. So it's understandable that Foxx did not think an ESPN chat during All-Star Weekend was a great place to wax on about how his love life is going. Legit question: has anyone ever pranced away from a failed interview so gracefully before?

To be fair, Michael Smith wasn't trying to turn into an investigative reporter with his rather lighthearted question. And considering Foxx and Holmes were going to play basketball, at least Smith had a relevant in-road to take. So Foxx could have just brushed the question aside, either humorously or forcefully, while still carrying on with the talk. Something about the look on his face, though, made it seem like he was already set to deflect a relationship question in whatever way possible, so it's possible he'd been getting a ton of Holmes-related questions and comments from people recently, with this interview being the last straw.

For what it's worth, Foxx's Team Clippers ended up winning the Celebrity All-Star game, beating Team Lakers with a score of 75-66, so he had something to cheer about after that interview fell apart. While we'll be waiting another year to see what'll happen during the next All-Star Weekend, you can head to our midseason premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows debuting soon.

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