What Westworld’s Japanese Park Is Actually Called

Shogunworld hosts

The TV renaissance is in full swing, with tons of fantastic content being produced over the various streaming services and networks. One of the most popular and acclaimed shows from the past few years is HBO's Westworld. The epic sc-fi series featured a stellar cast of primarily film actors, and became a smash hit when it debuted in October of 2016. The wait for a second season has been excruciating, and it'll finally arrive next month. As such, details about Season 2 have been slowly trickling out, and now we know a bit more about the other parks in the series. Specifically, the name of the Japanese park that was teased in Season 1's explosive finale.

The newest report from Season 2 of Wesworld all but confirms that we'll be traveling to the other parks, including what is now officially known as Shogun World. This explains the hosts we witnessed in the show's first season, who where geared up with traditional armor and weaponry. It looks like Delos has a variety of parks for their clients' tastes, so guests could head to the far East when they were sick of the Mariposa Saloon and the rest of the original park.

Up until this point, there had been wild speculation about Shogun World, especially around its name. When we saw the hosts being worked on in Season 1, they were mysteriously labelled "SW". Fans thought this might stand for Samurai World, although now it looks like they were one word off.

This report, which comes to us from EW, is the latest bits of exciting information that HBO has been releasing ahead of Season 2 of Westworld. HBO subscribers are absolutely rabid for more content from the ambitious series, as the wait in between seasons has been almost excruciating. We've recently learned a variety of characters who would be returning to the series for its sophomore season, including Thor: Ragnarok's Tessa Thompson.

Narratively, there are a ton of new areas to explore with Westworld Season 2, and there's no way that it'll be anything like the first set of episodes. In the current timeline, all chaos is currently breaking out within the park. Dolores' assassination of Robert Ford indicated that the hosts were now able to hurt the guest, as a horde of retired robots descended upon everyone at the party. All bets are off, and the human characters are going to need to fight for their lives in order to survive the ordeal.

Westworld will also continue playing with time, bringing back Jimmi Simpson's William to fill in the gap between the two timelines. Westworld is a show that consistently keeps its viewers on their toes, so Season 2 will no doubt be wild as well.

Season 2 of Westworld begins April 22, 2018 on HBO. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Additionally, check out our Amazon premiere list and superhero premiere lists to ensure you don't miss a single episode.

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