Blue's Clues Is Getting Rebooted At Nickelodeon

Steve Blue's Clues Nick Jr.

Grab your notepads and be on the lookout for some paw-prints because Blue's Clues is getting a reboot! Nickelodeon sat down in its thinking chair and eventually decided to bring back one of its longest-running television shows for preschool-aged children. The new series, while slightly different than the Blue's Clues many may remember from back in their younger days, sounds familiar enough that it's sure to be a hit with today's young minds.

Blue's Clues will still have the clue-hunting and problem-solving that made the first run of the show great, but the series will receive a "refreshed signature look" that will look new and updated when compared to the series of old or the franchise's puppet-driven spinoff Blue's Room. This includes a new host as the series will opt out of asking Steve Burns s or Donovan Patton to come back for the new series and instead cast a fresh face to figure out the various things Blue wishes to communicate through clues. This new host will be the face of the franchise for at least 20 episodes. Nickelodeon has slated this reboot to go into production in the summer.

A new host means that the Blue's Clues staff will once again scour the nation for a fresh face to become the next owner of Blue. The open casting call, which is taking place in Burbank, California on Saturday, April 14, is open to anyone who pre-registers on the website (although some unregistered will be allowed to audition) and has the ability to play an adult aged anywhere between 18-25. Nickelodeon wrote on its website that the ideal host of Blue's Clues has a background in comedy as well as the ability to make a viewer feel smart, empowered, and important. While it's not required, its also said that if the host has any talents like guitar playing or juggling, that'll help as well.

Blue's Clues couldn't have picked a better time to come back, as the show's format almost works better now in a modern age than it did back when the series first started. In a time where even a toddler has access to a smart-tablet, Nickelodeon could increase the interactivity of the show greatly, and probably make a heap of money creating learning apps for children with the franchise. The show was lauded by childcare experts back in its original run for its creators' extensive research on children's learning habits, so obviously, many in that industry will have their eyes on this upcoming reboot to see if it meets the same standard.

Blue's Clues and Nickelodeon will soon be searching for its next host and the series will go into production sometime this summer. For information on some shows that have confirmed premiere dates, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. For some disturbing news about a children's show, the guy who played Barney is now caught up in a tantric sex business.

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