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Legends of Tomorrow is getting all paranormal again, and unfortunately, the Scooby-Doo gang is too busy set to appear on another CW show to help out. That means Ray and Sara will have only their own wits to contend with when a ghost seemingly reveals itself to them in the midst of this exclusive clip from the Season 3 episode "Amazing Grace." Check it out!

Ray Palmer and Sara Lance are awfully calm and composed considering they're seeing a ghost that looks like the love-child of the Night King and the Crypt Keeper. Granted, that's just the ghost's spooky form, as its assumed former-human form looks more in line with a greaser Elvis lookalike. And any comparisons to the King of Rock and Roll are apt, since the episode is called "Amazing Grace" and will take Legends of Tomorrow to Memphis for what might be the team's most important mission yet: saving music.

The ghastly entity somewhat steals the spotlight in a scene that looks to reveal the sixth and final totem that the Legends have been seeking. Going by the episode description, that little jewel Sara is trying to pry from the guitar could be the Death Totem, which would explain why messing with it caused a ghost to appear. It may also explain the title of Legends of Tomorrow's next Season 3 episode, "Necromancing The Stone." If ever there was a totem that needed an exorcism, this is certainly the one.

So is that indeed a young Elvis that's so attached to that guitar? Gven the plotline for "Amazing Grace," he could very well be. Legends of Tomorrow will travel to Memphis in 1954 to prevent a mysterious tragedy that wiped out the town, and therefore, the city that would become widely considered the birthplace of rock and roll. Elvis was performing his first concerts in Memphis around that time, so it's possible this ghostly figure could be the young singer before he reached his full potential. Plus, IMDb has a cast entry for "Elvis' Mom," but that doesn't necessarily mean Mrs. Presley.

It would be a very Legends of Tomorrow move to work Elvis into Season 3, considering the show has steadily and enjoyably worked other iconic real-world figures into its plotlines. And even if it's just an original character that very closely resembles the famous singer, that's just as good. After all, if that was really the ghost of Elvis Presley, wouldn't Ray have immediately delivered a goofy one-liner? "How fast can a person run in blue suede shoes?"

Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET, with "Amazing Grace" airing tonight, March 12. With the series chugging through the back-half of Season 3, now would be a good time for superhero show fans to check out our superhero premiere guide and see what other power-packed shows are coming up. For a look at upcoming television programming in general, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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