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Clay Jensen Dylan Minnette 13 Reasons Why Netflix

Netflix has had many original shows move the needle with mainstream audiences, and few had an impact like 13 Reasons Why. The show's story and portrayal of suicide caused a lot of controversy and discussion that, according to Netflix, resulted in some great dialogue on a tough subject matter. Netflix wants to get people talking once again when Season 2 of the series premieres, but this time around, it's changing some things. Netflix announced additional supplementary features it will roll out alongside Season 2 that will help all viewers continue to have constructive conversations regarding the series.

The biggest change 13 Reasons Why fans will notice ahead of Season 2 is a video that will be tacked onto the start of each season of the series. The video will feature the show's central cast out of character telling members of the audience who may be going through any of the issues seen in the series how they can get help. Netflix's decision to implement the video came from its commissioned study with the Northwestern University's Center on Media and Human Development, which found two-thirds of parents involved in the study wished for a video that instructed viewers on resources that will aid anyone going through these issues.

The video mentions many resources viewers can visit to get help, including 13ReasonsWhy.Info, which Netflix added additional resources to ahead of Season 2. The new features to the site include a viewing guide for 13 Reasons Why, which provides tips and suggestions on how to initiate conversation throughout some of the show's more controversial moments. It provides talking points for specific issues like suicide, sexual assault, and bullying, all of which come into play in Season 1. The resources also provide other links to websites where individuals can seek out help for the specific issues they might be suffering from, with resources sorted based on the issue the victim is suffering through.

Netflix also announced that 13 Reasons Why will bring back it's aftershow, although it notes that this experience will be an upgrade from the previously released Beyond the Reasons. Netflix is promising more of the show's actors, as well as dialogue from the show's experts and mental health professionals who have helped the crew with developing the series. The streaming service furthermore listed several groups (including the Crisis Text Line and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) it's working with around the world in order to help tackle some of the issues brought up in Season 1 as well as the upcoming Season 2. It's possible some of these groups will be mentioned throughout the aftershow.

Netflix is taking a lot of steps to prevent viewer outrage ahead of Season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why, which is believed to be premiering sometime in 2018. For a look at other shows headed to Netflix that do have a release date, visit our Netflix premiere guide. For a look at what's coming to television in general, check out our midseason premiere guide.