Supernatural's Scooby-Doo Trailer Is Insanely Fun And Hilarious

Supernatural is going in a wild new direction with its upcoming episode that will take Sam, Dean, and Castiel somewhere they've never been before: into animation. The long-awaited crossover between Supernatural and Scooby-Doo is slated to air on March 29, and the brand new extended trailer points to an insanely fun and hilarious hour, fittingly called "Scoobynatural." Take a look at the Winchester boys in all their animated glory!

Well, it looks like one Winchester brother will be more comfortable in Scooby-Doo land than the other! Dean seems to adjust pretty quickly to the animated life, even if he was clearly shocked at suddenly getting sucked through the TV in his "Dean Cave" and becoming a cartoon. Daphne will evidently play a part in Dean's happiness.

The cartoon world looks like it's mostly Scooby-Doo, but the Impala will exist in animation as well. If things don't work out with Daphne, at least Dean still has Baby. The whole adventure won't be lighthearted shenanigans between the Scooby gang and the Supernatural gents, however, as the footage reveals a bloody body and a decapitated head. Apparently, if somebody from real life dies while in the animated reality, they'll die for good in the real world. The Winchesters probably will need to do something to stop more people from getting zapped into animation. Hopefully that won't mean destroying that whole world. Do we really want to see the Scooby gang erased?

All things considered, the trailer indicates that we're in for an episode that combines the best of both worlds. We're getting a "Jinkies," "Zoinks," and "Ruh-roh" each at least once in the episode, we'll also get a bloody corpse, Dean declaring "Son of a bitch," and the brothers bantering. It's not clear just yet how Castiel ends up in animation given that only Sam and Dean appeared to be present when the TV zapped them into the Scooby-Doo world.

Personally, I've been somewhat uncertain about whether or not "Scoobynatural" would actually work as an episode of Supernatural, but this trailer has me convinced. Even if this is the most out-of-the-box episode of the show -- and that's saying something -- the trailer points toward it feeling like an episode of Supernatural. Honestly, I was on board as soon as the Scooby-Doo theme song started to play. Is there anything Supernatural can't do at this point? I'll be interested to see how this episode fares in the ratings. Scooby-Doo has a broad appeal even to folks who don't watch Supernatural. I wouldn't be shocked at a big ratings jump. We'll have to wait and see.

Tune in to The CW on Thursday, March 29 at 8 p.m. ET to catch the "Scoobynatural" episode of Superantural. If you're still in the market for other TV shows, swing by our midseason TV premiere guide, our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule, and our 2018 Amazon Prime breakdown. For the network shows that have already gotten the axe in the 2017-2018 season, check out our rundown of TV cancellations and renewals.

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