Why Sheldon And Amy's Big Bang Theory Wedding Will Be So Great For Leonard

Sitcom weddings are a TV staple, and those small screen ceremonies on shows like Rhoda and Friends can often be more fun than real-life weddings. The Big Bang Theory fans certainly have some ridiculous nuptials to look forward to, as it's been confirmed that Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler will be tying the knot for the Season 11 finale in May. The cast can finally talk about what will certainly be a pop culture-laden ceremony, and Johnny Galecki says the Cooper-Fowler wedding will be one of the happiest days in Leonard's life. Here's why.

I think he'll be just very happy to get Sheldon off of his hands at this point. Like, giving away his daughter like a father does at a wedding, but in a much less tearful manner.

Poor, poor Leonard. Understandably, he's interested in putting that much more distance between himself and his best buddy Sheldon, who has been an inextricable presence in Leonard's life for longer than most people would think is comfortable. Even through his years of marriage to Penny so far. But Leonard seems to think that Sheldon will somehow become cognizant of others' personal bubbles whenever he gets married to Amy, as if the wedding itself will somehow alter Sheldon't DNA and brain chemistry. Since it'll be the season finale, Leonard will technically be free from his friend for the summer hiatus, but once the show comes back, we fully expect to see Sheldon returning to his normal Leonard-adjacent stasis, regardless of others' interests.

Penny's father Wyatt wasn't as eager to give away Penny, as it were, as Leonard will be to give Sheldon a high-powered nudge in a different direction. Of course, Johhny Galecki did tell Entertainment Tonight that there would be "hiccups" involved with the wedding -- something Kunal Nayyar agreed with -- so we can expect to see a bit of chaos before the peacetime can begin. Hopefully one of those hiccups doesn't lead to Sheldon and Amy having to move into Leonard and Penny's apartment for Season 12.

We can assume that the wedding day will be just as happy for Sheldon and Amy as it will be for Leonard, but we're still not sure what kind of a ceremony fans will get to see. We know that Jerry O'Connell will be debuting as Sheldon's brother George Cooper Jr., with Laurie Metcalf reprising her role as their mother Mary, but no other guests or details have been revealed yet. But Kaley Cuoco has some guesses about how the show's creative team will handle Sheldon and Amy's wedding song.

What's the strangest song you've ever heard? That's what it would be. Like a robot song or just something out there that only they know and only they love. It's probably a song they've heard that no one else knows, you know? Just between them.

Personally, we're hoping for Sheldon to create his own wedding song to perform for Amy. With a backing band and everything. Not to the tune of "Soft Kitty," though, since that might create some unsettling implications.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET, with that highly anticipated Season 11 finale coming on Thursday, May 10. To see when all the other big CBS finales are coming, head to our rundown, and then jump over to our midseason premiere schedule to see what will be around to draw your attention in the meantime.

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