Will Cloak And Dagger Cross Over With Marvel's Other TV Shows? Here's What Jeff Loeb Says

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Since its earliest days with Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has established the idea that Marvel properties could cross over with each other, an idea extended to the small screen with the creation of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So with each new Marvel film and TV series, the ever-present question remains whether or not those projects will cross over with others. That question was posed to Cloak & Dagger's executive producer Jeph Loeb during a roundtable interview at WonderCon 2018, and while crossovers with the freeform drama seem possible, we probably shouldn't bank on seeing other superheroes in New Orleans soon. Loeb explained:

Are there opportunities because now The Runaways also live in that same kind of world? It certainly makes much more sense to me, but we'll see what happens. As we often say to everyone -- and it was certainly a much more easy thing for people to understand with The Defenders -- is that we like people to get to know the characters in their first season. We don't want it to become 'Oh look who stopped by!" in order for you to watch the show. It has to be organic to the storytelling that we're doing. We don't ever want it to feel like 'Oh look, Foggy Nelson just got off the bus! Great!' We want to make sure that if that's going to happen, that if we share, that it's appropriate for the story. It's Marvel. So, it's all connected.

So, given the fact that Cloak & Dagger possesses Marvel property DNA, there is always the possibility to connect the long-awaited show with other Marvel shows like The Runaways, which technically fits better than most since it's also a teen-oriented narrative. Having said that, Jeph Loeb doesn't seem particularly interested in making that happen yet, because he wants Cloak & Dagger to stand on its own two feet in its first season. (Four feet, really.) Considering that explanation, we probably shouldn't sit around waiting to see Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle or Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock walking through the French Quarter for a quick cameo. That's not what this show is.

Even with that clarification from Jeph Loeb, one thing that not explicitly laid out is how Cloak & Dagger actually could crossover with other properties in the way that The Defenders shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones regularly weave in and out of each other. As of right now, a crossover with The Runaways seems like one of the easiest ways to do it from a purely creative standpoint (given Tandy and Tyrone's connection to the team), but we still likely won't see anything like that at least until after this first full season has aired.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger will hit the small screen later this year on June 7 when it premieres on Freeform. Make sure to check it out when it drops, and head over to CinemaBlend's full midseason premiere guide to see what other shows are set to debut this spring!

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