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While Netflix has a ton of successful original shows, there are a few that are in a tier of their own. Perhaps the most obvious is the sci-fi series Stranger Things, which has become the streaming service's flagship series through its first two massively popular seasons. The Duffer Brothers have crafted a quirky and heartfelt 80s adventure, with the entire town of Hawkins, Indiana stealing Netflix subscribers' hearts in the process. Fans binge watched Stranger Things 2 in a matter of days when it was released back on October, with speculation about the show's third season starting almost immediately afterward. Production for the threequel has just started, and Netflix celebrated with a video that will get even the most casual fans excited. Check it out.

Does anybody else have chills? The gang's all back for another adventure in Hawkins, Indiana-- complete with a few new faces. Let's break down what we're being shown in this brief video.

Purposefully vague and void of color, the above video shows the cast of Stranger Things assembling for a table read on what is presumably the season premiere. We see as our favorite cast members of all ages assemble to begin the next season, typically pairing the back of their heads with their corresponding name tag. Delightfully enough, the cast of child actors already seem to be wearing vaguely 80's clothes, especially their footwear-- just look at those kicks.

What is even more exciting is seeing the trio of new characters being teased for Season 3 of Stranger Things. Maya Hawke is joining the cast as Robin, a bored rebel girl that lives and works in Hawkins. The new cast will also be rounded out by Princess Bride actor Cary Elwes as Hawkins Mayor Kline-- a shady politicians who cares about his interests more than the town's. Jake Busey will meanwhile play journalist Bruce. With the power of a pen, maybe Bruce has the power to blow the Hawkins scandals right open.

The ending to the above video is perhaps the best part, as it highlights actress Priah Ferguson as Lucas' sister Erica. Erica stole every scene she was in during Stranger Things 2, and the Duffer Brothers have promised that she'll have a much larger role in the coming season. Rather than simply being home and driving Lucas crazy, she'll reportedly be involved in the main action of the season.

Overall, there isn't much know about what could pop up in Stranger Things 3, or when it might arrive on Netflix. The series has already had both a summer and fall premiere, so it's clear that The Duffer Brother have the freedom to take their time on the acclaimed series. The Season 2 finale also teased that the villainous Mind Flayer is still alive and watching over Hawkins' residents, meaning it'll definitely be back for revenge.

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