The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Shared A Fitting First Look At Amy And Sheldon's Wedding

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While real life weddings can be hit-or-miss affairs, depending on how close one is to the couple tying the knot, a TV wedding is always either an emotionally charged culmination of a heartwarming journey, or an epic disaster in sheep's clothing. The Big Bang Theory could be giving fans a bit of both with Sheldon and Amy's big day, which will take place during the Season 11 finale. And we now have our very first look at what to expect, thanks to star Mayim Bialik.

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Granted, it's not a flashy GIF of Sheldon and Amy's first dance as a married couple, but it's something that speaks to the heart and...sole...of The Big Bang Theory's least traditionally romantic couple. We have Bialik's Amy, wearing what we'll assume is a pretty fancy dress, with the pointed toes of her heels forming an elegant pair of peaks. Perhaps to signify that she and Jim Parsons' Sheldon are peaking in life by making their love for one another legally binding. Or maybe it's an "M" that stands for matrimony. Or, perhaps, it's just shoes.

Meanwhile, Sheldon might be dressed to the nines from head to calf, but when it comes to the footwear, you know he's bringing some comic book socks to the celebration. In this case, it'll be The Flash accompanying him to the altar, maybe because he's interested in speeding things right along in order to get to the really interesting part: the changing of the paperwork. Of course, knowing Sheldon, he'll probably have a Green Lantern sock on his other foot. Along with various other DC-licensed undergarments.

Speaking of, something tells me that Amy's wedding dress won't be a strictly straightforward affair, either. And even though the show's producers obviously want to keep the wedding visuals limited ahead of the finale's airing anyway, I like to think Mayim Bialik shared the shoe pics on her Twitter page because any other shot of her dress would give away some unexpected and magnificent aspect of it. I mean, we know the tiara will be involved, but I guess we'll have to wait longer to find out what else we can expect.

Fans will have a lot to look forward to for The Big Bang Theory's Season 11 finale, even beyond seeing Sheldon and Amy walking down the aisle. Some of the more familiar wedding guests include Star Wars legend Mark Hamill and American Horror Story vet Kathy Bates (who starred in Big Bang co-creator Chuck Lorre's short-lived Netflix comedy Disjointed), while audiences will get their first look at Sheldon's grown-up brother Georgie, as played by Jerry O'Connell. And Sheldon's sister Missy will also be there, as portrayed by Courtney Henggeler, alongside Laurie Metcalf as matriarch Mary Cooper.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET. While waiting, check out Bialik freaking out over meeting Mark Hamill, because it's just pure bliss. To see when all the other big hits are ending, head to our TV finale rundown, and head to our summer premiere schedule to see when everything is hitting primetime soon.

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