Why Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Didn't Like Wearing Amy's Wedding Dress

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The Big Bang Theory is headed down the stretch to Amy and Sheldon's wedding, which means actress Mayim Bialik has been doing a lot of bride stuff as of late. The process has spun up a lot of uncomfortable feelings for Bialik, who recently opened up to fans and revealed that she didn't like wearing Amy's wedding dress for reasons beyond the ones presented by Penny and Bernadette:

Me in this dress draws all sorts of bride-related attention to me. I don't know that I want that because I'm divorced. This leads to a most complicated set of feelings.

Mayim Bialik has mixed emotions regarding the process of her wedding prepping, even if it's Amy and not really her. Bialik and her husband filed for divorce back in 2012, and even though some time has passed since then, the actress said in her vlog the fake wedding talk has spun up feelings of her previous marriage. It's also made Bialik uncomfortable with media and friends, as she's afraid Amy's wedding storyline will call attention to her single status and open speculation as to whether or not she will ever tie the knot again. Bialik acknowledged she knows not to worry too much about what other people think of her or their opinion but also acknowledged she often cares about other's opinions more often than her own.

Mayim Bialik also wasn't a fan of Amy's dress in The Big Bang Theory episode, although she implied it was for reasons deeper than the dress' outdated design. Bialik has always despised the search for a traditional wedding dress, and when she got married in 2003, she wore the first non-traditional dress she could find for her big ceremony. That said, Bialik did admit that after trying on numerous dresses behind-the-scenes that weren't shown on The Big Bang Theory, she was shocked to discover she kind of enjoyed how she looked in those dresses. As Bialik mentioned in her quote above, it's complicated.

Bialik dove a little deeper into the internal struggles of acting, and how sometimes it's hard to distance herself from the role in this specific regard. Amy's the one getting married, but its Mayim Bialik trying on numerous wedding dresses. It's certainly something non-actors can empathize with, but surely hard to fully understand without being in the situation.

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Interestingly enough, The Big Bang Theory has used both Amy and Bernadette wedding dress shopping as big stories on the show, while Penny picking out a dress for her two big days with Leonard was never used as a narrative plot point. In fact, when Bernadette and Penny went wedding dress shopping without Amy before she married Howard, it turned into a real issue, with Amy getting very sad once she found out. Take a look at what that led to:

As you might imagine, Sheldon was not happy with this whole cuddling development, and he took it out on Howard and Leonard the next day.

For some reason, even though Penny had two whole weddings to Leonard, each time the focus was on their relationship or family troubles, with Leonard admitting that he'd kissed someone else while they were dating before the first ceremony, and some nutty family drama leading up to the second wedding. But, you can't say that Penny didn't look good both times:

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