Gotham Season 4 Finale: Who Died And Who Only Got Seriously Hurt?

Major spoilers ahead for the Season 4 finale of Gotham, fittingly called "No Man's Land."

There's no show quite like Gotham for producing wild, crazy, unpredictable, ridiculously fun finales, and "No Man's Land" was no exception. The episode saw Jeremiah and Ra's' plan to destroy Gotham City come to fruition, although perhaps not how fans may have expected. The terrible twosome used Jeremiah's bombs to blow up the bridges connecting Gotham to the rest of the world, effectively trapping all those who wouldn't evacuate in a city already being carved up by gangs. Understandably, there was plenty of death and destruction on top of all the structural damage. Read on for our breakdown of who died and who was injured but lived!

gotham jeremiah

Jeremiah Valeska

Gotham's latest proto-Joker teamed up with Ra's al Ghul at the end of the previous episode to turn Gotham into a no man's land. Given that he hasn't been established as THE Joker, there was no guarantee he'd survive the finale. Fortunately for those of us who love Jeremiah's specific band of crazy, he did not die in the episode. Just as he was on the verge of killing Tabitha, Jeremiah was shot by Penguin. He's alive and presumably as crazy as ever. Even though he got shot, he did carry out his plan that destroyed the bridges (and killed the mayor).

gotham solomon grundy

Butch Gilzean

R.I.P. Butch. After he miraculously survived Barbara's attempt to kill him in the Season 3 finale and was resurrected into Solomon Grundy by a polluted swamp, he was finally taken out for good by none other than Penguin. After recruiting Strange to transform him back into Butch from Grundy, Penguin waited until Tabitha was handy so that he could kill Grundy in front of her as revenge for her murder of his mom.

gotham tabitha


Penguin made sure that Tabitha survived to the end of the finale, even coming to her rescue when Jeremiah was on the verge of killing her... all so he could kill Butch in front of her as an eye for an eye after she killed his mom. Naturally, she made a move to attack him after he shot and killed her beloved Butch, so Penguin just went ahead and shot her in the leg. She lived and returned to Barbara's club, where they agreed that men were the root of all Gotham's problems and decided their club would be a no men zone. They killed the men who were handy and strung them up outside to prove their point that no boys are allowed.

Ra's al Ghul

Babs decided that she was not going to just let Ra's al Ghul destroy Gotham and leave, even if he did invite her to join him. Instead, she decided he needs to die, and she reforged the blade that could kill him. It was a close call, and she ultimately needed to drag Bruce with her to do the stabbing, but she managed to stab him. He died, although not before knowing that his mission of destroying the city was a success.

Ed Nygma

Ed was in fine form in "No Man's Land." He started out by abducting Jim from the GCPD, then stuck him into a pressing machine that was forcing hundreds of pounds against his chest, all because he had doubts about Lee's feelings toward Jim. He confronted Lee about Jim before the end of the episode, and Lee complained that all he and Jim want to do is change her. So, she just went ahead and stabbed him. Ed wasn't seen dying, and his body was shown at the end of the episode in Dr. Strange's lair, so something tells me we're in for a new Ed in Season 5.

Lee Thompkins

Ed didn't go down without getting some final revenge. After Lee stabbed Ed, she made the mistake of not moving out of stabbing range before she tried to drop a killer one-liner. She delayed long enough for Ed to pull out a knife and stab her right back. The two shared one last kiss, because why not? The finale didn't show what happened immediately after, but her body was with Ed's under Dr. Strange's care at the end of the episode. Oh, Gotham. Never change.

Selina Kyle

The good news on the Selina Kyle front is that she didn't die due to her wounds from being shot at the end of the penultimate episode, and she was evacuated out of Gotham even as Bruce refused to leave. The bad news is that Gotham seems to be giving Selina Kyle the Barbara Gordon story from the legendary Killing Joke comic. In The Killing Joke, the Joker drops by the Gordon home and shoots Barbara through the spinal cord, paralyzing her. Jeremiah's shooting of Selina in Gotham evidently resulted in permanent damage, and he mocked Bruce by asking where in her spine he hurt her. It's too soon to say whether or not she'll be permanently paralyzed from the waist down in Season 5, but she definitely was injured at the end of the episode.

Gotham will return for a fifth and final season on Fox, although fans have a while to wait. The 13-episode fifth season won't premiere until midseason. The Fox 2018-2019 fall schedule can reveal the shows that will be back before midseason, and our summer TV premiere guide can help you pick what to watch now and in the coming weeks.

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