Watch Fuller House's Jodie Sweetin Get Blasted By Mark McGrath On Drop The Mic

Drop the Mic may not have the best rappers out there battling for supremacy, but they certainly know how to pull talent. Even when the show can't pluck A-list celebrities from their day jobs, they manage to pit two unrelated people against each other for an entertaining episode. Not many would've thought it was a good idea to have Fuller House's Jodie Sweetin and Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath go head-to-head, but this short clip shows it has the potential to be one of the show's most entertaining matchups as McGrath was just blasting Sweetin with some fiery insults:

As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!" The former celebrity news television host was certainly being a bit Extra with his burns on Jodie Sweetin, as he roasted the Fuller House actress without mercy. The Drop The Mic clip featured Mark McGrath going in on the actresses' various career gaps, peaking at a young age, and her Dancing With The Stars appearance. McGrath already killed it with his diss on Sweetin, but really sent things over the top right at the end with his reference to Sugar Ray's greatest hit "Fly". It was a somewhat unfair move considering Sweetin doesn't have her own mega-hit single to reference, but that's not really McGrath's problem, right?

Mark McGrath definitely had the advantage in the Drop The Mic battle with his extensive singing background, but Jodie Sweetin wasn't completely helpless while up on stage. Sweetin burned her competitor pretty good by equating his platinum blonde hair to that of Food Network star Guy Fieri, and even mentioned Sugar Ray's fading relevance with each passing year. The state fair remark had to cut deep, as the crowd's reaction really brought home the amount of truth buried within that line:

To his credit, Mark McGrath had some extra Fuller House inspired heat for Jodie Sweetin in that clip that should've won the day, but apparently the Drop The Mic audience felt differently. Sweetin ended up winning the battle, in what some may consider a huge upset considering she won out against an actual front-man. McGrath took his loss on the chin and congratulated Sweetin, although perhaps not as warmly as other past Drop The Mic losers on the series. Maybe because someday, when his life has passed him by, McGrath will lay around and wonder how the Netflix star managed to beat him?

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