Arrow Season 7 Is Bringing In Two New Characters, And One Will Be Bad For Team Arrow

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Fresh on the heels of Stephen Amell's tease that Season 7 of Arrow would be using a new storytelling technique, it has been revealed two new characters are heading to Star City later this year. One of them sounds like he could be a tech-savvy asset, and possibly even a future member of Team Arrow. The other? Let's just say she's not a fan of vigilantes calling themselves heroes. That sounds like bad news for Team Arrow, which will hopefully be able to bear such a threat while their team leader is locked up.

The latter of these new unnamed characters sound like a big threat, if not the central big bad. This to-be-cast Arrow character will enter the series as a young and ambitious recruit on the SCPD. This character will rear her head during Oliver's time in Supermax, which means Team Arrow is going to be tasked with dealing with her and whatever ax she has to grind against the heroes of Star City without their most battle-hardened veteran. According to TVLine, this new vigilante-hater makes for an easy Buffy comparison, with shadowy crimefighters standing in for vampires. We hope that doesn't speak to a penchant for trying to stake wannabe heroes through the heart.

If she's just a gruff young cop with a sense of justice and the law, however, then Team Arrow should be able to flip her to see that vigilantes aren't as bad for the city as she may assume. Of course, it almost definitely won't be easy to convince her of anything, and I bet she's got a complicated history with people like Green Arrow.

The second character announced for Arrow sounds far less aggressive, and probably someone that science lovers like Felicity and Curtis can more easily jive with. Set to be a recurring character in Season 7, this successful tech whiz will be gay and will also harbor a heartbreaking past. This new character also has yet to be cast, and sounds awfully similar to Ray Palmer when he first appeared on Arrow, minus at least one detail.

Team Arrow is kind of stocked up on tech geniuses at the moment, and is more in need of weapon experts than anything else. But hey, the more the merrier. It was not confirmed whether or not this newbie is necessarily pro-vigilante, although his tragic backstory and geeky-sounding persona really scream "supporting cast member for a hero." (But not a sonic scream.)

Arrow returns to The CW for Season 7 this fall, and will air on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. Of course, the superhero fun doesn't end just because the Green Arrow is locked up, and fans can find information on all upcoming hero shows via our superhero premiere guide. Those wishing to take a break from all the crime-fighting and super-powered melodrama can check out some non-hero shows on our summer premiere guide. For more information on Arrow itself, check out what Arrow-verse stories Emily Bett Rickards told CinemaBlend she would like to see.

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