First Jersey Shore Family Reunion Trailer Is One Big Hot Mess Of Awesome

It's back, bitches! One of the most ribald guilty pleasures of all times will soon grace us with its presence once again, as MTV is set to dive back into drunken nights and hungover days with Jersey Shore Family Reunion. After a few previously released teasers, we finally have our first extended trailer for the most valuable revival on cable, so get your T-shirts and start watching.

It's been nine years since Jersey Shore debuted on MTV, and six years since it bowed out after six seasons. But time hasn't made everything better, and Ronnie puts it best in the trailer when he says he doesn't think many of them are any wiser. Except for maybe Sammi Sweetheart, who chose not to return for the reunion series.

We get to see JWOWW letting loose while stepping away from her kids, and she's all about hugging a nearby bar booty. We see Snooki settling in next to a giant pizza, and also getting ready to funnel a beer. We see Ronnie getting a very colorful lap dance. We see everyone freaking out over something in a bag (that probably isn't Angelina's head). And at one point, Vinnie is sporting an airbrushed...shirt?

And of course...There. Is. Fist. Pumping!

fist pumping gif jersey shore

Carrying on the Shore franchise, if such a thing can be said to exist, Jersey Shore Family Vacation will take the liquor-loving group down to Miami Beach for a new party house, a new set of locations, and a lot of the same situations. Well, one new situation involves The Situation's legal issues and possible jail time, which do get discussed. Well, discussed may be a strong word, but some of those words come out of Snooki's mouth. She also says the group gets "more delinquency," so not everything she says is golden.

One of the best parts about this trailer doesn't even have anything to do with the trailer itself. It's that everything we're seeing here is going to happen at least twice, relatively speaking, since MTV already renewed Jersey Shore Family Vacation for Season 2 more than a month ahead of its Season 1 premiere. Someone must have put a big dose of confidence in the network's Ron Ron Juice.

Arriving a few days after Easter gets us stuffed on chocolates and religious vibes, Jersey Shore Family Vacation will premiere on MTV on Thursday, April 5, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see what show will be showing up on the small screen before and after that, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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