Jersey Shore Family Vacation Is Bringing Angelina Back, And There Are Immediate Fights

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is down to its final six episodes, and anyone who thought the drama ended when Ronnie and Vinny left Mokai is dead wrong. A new promo for the show revealed the cast's former housemate Angelina Pivarnick is back, and things are far from cool between everyone. Pivarnick's presence causes some immediate fights and judging from this sneak peek, we wouldn't be surprised if some punches get thrown before she leaves:

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Angelina coming back just might be the smartest move Jersey Shore Family Vacation has made to date. Just when the drama was beginning to feel a bit stale with some of the guys creeping around on their girlfriends, MTV went and pulled the most reviled member of the original series out of obscurity and thrust her back into the spotlight to help stir up the drama in the Miami mansion. Fans feeling teased by that short clip might not have to wait long to see Pivarnick back in action, as she retweeted a tweet alleging she will make her return to television in the episode airing Thursday, May 24.

Jersey Shore fans who may have partied away their memories of Angelina Pivarnick shouldn't feel too bad as she wasn't on the show that long anyway. Pivarnick was evicted from the house in episode 3 of Season 1 after refusing to work in the t-shirt shop and then left the show for good in Season 2 following a couple violent throwdowns with Snooki:

Angelina Pivarnick is walking into the lion's den on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, as almost everyone in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation house has a problem with her. The only exception might be Deena Cortese, who was brought into the house in Season 3 to replace Pivarnick and has been on the show ever since. That said, even Deena is familiar with just how awful a person Angelina is as her name is often used as an insult in the biggest of blowups on the show. Pivarnick has returned the meanness of her former colleagues by giving scathing interviews about the cast to anyone who will listen and has gone on the record in saying things like Pauly D is a deadbeat father, and that JWoww slept with The Situation in a night that never made the airwaves. With so much said between these parties over the course of many years, who knows what else will come out when they finally come face to face?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on MTV on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 1 still has six episodes left, but anyone getting antsy and wanting to see what's headed to television in the meantime can find out by visiting our summer premiere guide. For more on Jersey Shore, check out The Situation's explanation for why he headbutted that wall back in Italy.

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