Another Big Name Is Returning For Last Man Standing's New Season

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Last Man Standing is headed back to television this fall season on a new network, which means the world will once again have a world with Tim Allen in primetime. Allen won't be the only big name returning to the series, however, as it has been revealed a big player for the series behind the camera will be returning as well. Well-known producer and showrunner Kevin Abbott will make his return to Last Man Standing to help the show navigate its way through its return to television.

Kevin Abbott is the most recent showrunner Last Man Standing has had to date. Abbott came into the sitcom after original series creator and showrunner Jack Burditt exited following a family tragedy, but then exited the show shortly after Season 2. Once Abbott's replacement Tim Doyle stepped down from the series shortly after the show's Season 5 renewal, Abbott returned to the series as showrunner and remained on board up until the show's shocking cancellation last year. In addition to his duties as showrunner, Abbott will also serve as an executive producer on the sitcom's Season 7 run alongside star Tim Allen and others.

Kevin Abbott's return may sound like bad news to fans considering Last Man Standing was cancelled under his tutelage, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It wasn't the show's ratings (which were solid for a Friday night series) that did it in at ABC, but rather a sizable licensing fee and Tim Allen's increasing salary that drove the network's decision to drop the show. In short, the cancellation was something that was more or less out of Abbott's control, and with Fox chopping down a good deal of its long-running programming this upcoming season, no doubt the network is ready to take on those costs that were a problem for ABC in hopes the acquisition will pay off big for it.

Per THR, Last Man Standing snagging Kevin Abbott will make the established TV producer a very busy man. Abbott will also serve as showrunner for the upcoming Fox comedy The Cool Kids, which is set to air following Last Man Standing. Having the same showrunner in an hour timeslot can always open the door for some interesting scenarios, like themed episodes or even crossovers. Neither show has given any indication that could happen, but with Abbott in the captain's chair for both sitcoms, anything's possible.

Last Man Standing returns to television on Fox at some point later this year Fridays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at the network's full television lineup this upcoming fall season, click here. Those looking to see what other shows are headed to television prior to that and all summer long, visit our summer premiere guide.

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