The death of Anthony Bourdain has shocked the world, and chefs and celebrities alike are taking to Twitter to share their memories of the television host, as well as a message to anyone suffering. Gordon Ramsey spoke of Bourdain's importance to exposing the masses to the world around them and reminded anyone who is suicidal that help is always available:

Ramsey was joined by several others who saw the tragedy as an opportunity to use their platform to raise suicide awareness and perhaps prevent another life lost. Other celebrity chefs were simply dumbfounded by the news as Alton Brown took to Twitter, and despite having spent time with Bourdain in the past, couldn't wrap his head around what had happened:

Alton Brown couldn't find the words to describe Anthony Bourdain's impact on the world, but his colleague and Chopped host Ted Allen managed to find some things to say. Allen mentioned Bourdain's body of work, and stated that ultimately, the chef left the world a better place despite his tragic exit:

Ted Allen may have been right in his analysis of Anthony Bourdain's life, as even his oldest rival took to the internet to pay his respects. Famed chef Emeril Lagasse, who Bourdain had publicly feuded with and ridiculed years prior, went to Twitter to memorialize the man he was lucky enough to make peace with prior to:

These are only some of the messages posted on social media in the wake of Anthony Bourdain's death. For what certain celebrities had to say about his passing, head on over to the next page!

Anthony Bourdain had many chefs paying their respects to his memory online, but also had his fair share of celebrity admirers as well. Former President Barack Obama shared his recollection of the time he and Bourdain ate together in Vietnam during an episode of Parts Unknown back in 2016:

Anthony Bourdain was hailed by others in the industry for showing society that great food can exist in the most unlikely of places, and for pulling back the curtain on places most in the world may never get to experience. Somebody Feed Phil creator and host Phil Rosenthal called Bourdain a huge inspiration for his Netflix series, which is also a food and travel show:

Anthony Bourdain's shows always featured a wide array of different types of people, so it's only fitting reactions to his death are flooding in from people regardless of the industry they're a part of. Presidents, actors, and even musicians like The Roots' Questlove have a story to share about Bourdain, and how he affected their lives personally:

reposted: @questlovesfood Just saw the news this morning about Anthony Bourdain’s passing. I have so many thoughts about him—memories, emotions, and unanswered questions—that right now it’s sort of a jumble. I feel so thankful for him to introducing me to a world I never knew, the world of food and especially food around the world. It was through Anthony that I learned about the sushi master Jiro Ono was and that recommendation (seeing the Jiro doc & making a pilgrimage to Tokyo by any means necessary) singlehandedly changed the course of my professional and creative life. Anthony also believed, and talked often, about how all forms of creativity were connected: how chefs and drummers and comedians and actors and directors and painters all drew on the same well of thoughts and emotions. That feeling stuck with me. Watching him take trips to faraway lands to get a taste of heaven (and, just as often, to show how life on earth can be hell for people under the thumb of cruel governments or oppressive poverty) was the equivalent of my many trips to obscure record shops continents away. Lastly I’ll miss our endless banter about the merits (or lack therof) of Yacht Rock. Anthony came on Fallon often, and every time he liked to warn me that his walk-on music better have “some umph to it.” He wanted power and attitude. I’d agree with him, and then I’d play another Billy Joel song, which infuriated him. A few years back, to thank him for writing the foreword to my book, I started the ultimate troll project, though I never got to give it to him. We had an “argument” over Herb Alpert’s “Route 101”: I made the case that the song’s good-feeling/good-time vibe couldn’t be denied, and he made the case that he denied it, and the more heated the argument got the more we laughed. I told him imma make him the mother of smooth-pop playlists and then he would see the light. I’m finishing that playlist, and when I do, I’ll name it after him, just so I can imagine that laugh of his.

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Many celebrities had personal messages to share upon the news of Anthony Bourdain's death, although few are as personal as that of Italian actress Asia Argento. Argento, who had been dating Bourdain since early 2017, published a brief statement regarding his passing as well as a request to respect his family's privacy:

We here at CinemaBlend are saddened by the loss of Anthony Bourdain and wish his friends and family the best in this difficult time. For a look at upcoming summer programming, visit our summer premiere guide. For more on Bourdain's meal with the President, check out our story about how much Bourdain ended up paying for the former and Commander in Chief's meal.

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